Autonomy in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Autonomy

1. They did not want autonomy at all. 🔊

2. But in other respects complete autonomy was accorded. 🔊

3. So the Local Autonomy System had been sanctioned. 🔊

4. The autonomy of the cities is again lost. 🔊

5. It was soon evident that the grant of autonomy had come too late. 🔊

How to use Autonomy in Sentences?

1. But is she to be accorded an autonomy in outside affairs that is denied her in the home? 🔊

2. It is now manifest that Czernova can show no valid title to the autonomy it has so long exercised. 🔊

3. It was the autonomy of towns on which the political structure of New England rested. 🔊

4. A scheme for Cuban autonomy was devised and, on January 1, 1898, was put into effect. 🔊

5. And subconsciously, if not consciously, this desire is responsible for much of the objection of foreign nationals to the local autonomy movement. 🔊

6. A scheme of autonomy has been proclaimed by decree, to become effective upon ratification by the Cortes. 🔊

7. It is hardly probable that they desire this, having enjoyed under Austria a considerable measure of autonomy as regards their language and schools. 🔊

8. This was simply an invitation to the insurgents to submit, in which case Spain would consider what degree of autonomy was needed or practicable. 🔊

9. Presidential power, in fact, was restrained both by the huge size of the country and by the spirit of local autonomy upheld by the States. 🔊

10. Her autonomy was taken from her; her smallest legislative act was the act of a stranger; in fine, every mark of political slavery was put upon her. 🔊

11. Provincial jealousies and the growing disorder favored a strong factual autonomy for the various provinces, even though there was no technical claim of provincial independence and very little even of confederation. 🔊

12. At the same time we regret the absence of fiscal autonomy for India and the limitations under which this Government has to frame its industrial policy. 🔊