Avarice in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Avarice

1. His avarice knew no bounds. 🔊

2. Where poverty ceases, avarice begins. 🔊

3. Amos, her uncle, was a man of avarice and greed. 🔊

4. Voluptuousness and avarice were the predominant vices of his heart. 🔊

5. I trust you're not by avarice led! 🔊

6. Ambition and shameful avarice have incited you to the blackest crimes! 🔊

7. The avarice of her husband succeeded the avarice of her parents. 🔊

8. Brute passion and unreasoning avarice were stamped on his face. 🔊

9. The avarice of their peasants means the independence of their peasants. 🔊

10. The avarice of the white men had drained the country of its wealth. 🔊

11. And there was envy and avarice in the juggler's look. 🔊

12. You have supported idle avarice and lazy economy long enough. 🔊

13. Besides, we know the consequences your avarice hath often occasioned. 🔊

14. But, indeed, avarice in itself is one of the most powerful of motives. 🔊

15. Paolo had the curious peasant's avarice also, but it was not meanness. 🔊

How to use Avarice in Sentences?

1. The women lamented that avarice should mar a character in other respects so good. 🔊

2. Herein lies the secret of the avarice and tittle-tattle that poison provincial life. 🔊

3. It was done in the interest of avarice and greed, and should be undone by honest men. 🔊

4. In our own Revolutionary war, generals developed pride and avarice and jealousy. 🔊

5. What are the works of avarice compared with the names of Lincoln, Grant, or Garfield? 🔊