Avert in a sentence

Definition of Avert

(transitive) To turn aside or away. | (transitive) To ward off, or prevent, the occurrence or effects of. | (intransitive, archaic) To turn away.

How to use Avert in a Sentence?

  • There was nothing that he could do to avert or to mitigate the tragedy.
  • I endeavoured to avert my eyes from the open space confronting them.
  • A saint to whom offerings are made to avert danger from snakes.
  • The only way to avert it is through mutual respect for fundamental rights.
  • All these precautions scarcely availed to avert the impending doom.

Short Example Sentence for Avert

  • Would she be able to avert them?
  • Why do you avert your face?
  • Who will first avert it?
  • Heaven avert the curse from us!
  • To foresee and avert death.
  • Who avert the murderous blade?
  • Should he avert it by taking orders?
  • Hortense could do nothing to avert it.
  • Heaven avert any unfavourable event!
  • Public indignation did not avert the act!
  • It lies with you to avert the issue for a time.
  • Their face did not move and they did not avert their eyes.
  • To break off that point is to avert the danger.
  • The power of man cannot avert the blow.
  • And so he tried to avert the break he had brought about.
  • We are trying to help you avert such a disaster.
  • Elephant was helpless in trying to avert the disaster.
  • And could nothing avert their fate?
  • She made a quick effort to avert his suspicion.
  • A thousand worlds could not avert the stroke.
  • Yet, who could avert the catastrophe?
  • Far better turn honest at once and avert bloodshed.
  • Not if energy and perseverance would avert the doom!
  • It is in my power to avert that, in case you comply.
  • If an acquaintance, it is best to avert the eyes.
  • Perhaps a quick atonement may avert the final blow.
  • Look not so sweet on me, avert thy smile!
  • He may even then be able to avert the impending danger.
  • Heaven avert the evil omen, my child!
  • How, then, to avert this evil?
  • May Heaven avert such danger.
  • And Charity, avert the burning dart!
  • Let Caracalla remain; so shall we avert his weapon.
  • One Scandal May Avert Another.
  • One of two alternatives was open to him to avert such a calamity.

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