Awakening in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Awakening

1. The awakening of death. 🔊

2. The awakening distresses. 🔊

3. Evidence of this awakening is already apparent. 🔊

4. The great war has been a rude awakening for all concerned. 🔊

5. The Awakening of Mary Fenwick. 🔊

6. But the awakening was as free from disturbance as the dream had been. 🔊

7. In particular it signifies the birth or awakening of love in the human soul. 🔊

8. The world was awakening from its long slumber, and summer was at hand. 🔊

9. The steamer now shivered and trembled, as if awakening from a nice nap. 🔊

10. Then, almost at the same moment, a queer awakening came for both of them. 🔊

11. The time for the King's awakening had not yet come. 🔊

12. To see within our infant's eyes The awakening of the soul. 🔊

How to use Awakening in Sentences?

1. Moralising reflection is the awakening of subjectivity and of a deeper personality. 🔊

2. And what is its character but its peculiar power of awakening certain emotions? 🔊

3. In awakening his sympathy she had awakened also a deep-rooted protective instinct. 🔊

4. But early the next morning the awakening came, and with it an undefined sense of misery. 🔊

5. She was afraid, for some reason which she could not define, of awakening her aunt. 🔊

6. Instantly every one was awake, though only half so, for the awakening had come so suddenly. 🔊

7. For an hour or two the air was perfectly motionless, and full of low, humming, awakening sounds. 🔊