Awakening in a sentence

Definition of Awakening

Rousing from sleep, in a natural or a figurative sense; rousing into activity; exciting | present participle of awaken | The act of awaking, or ceasing to sleep.

Short Example Sentence for Awakening

  • 1. The awakening distresses.
  • 2. The awakening of death.
  • 3. The awakening in the rural church.
  • 4. Evidence of this awakening is already apparent.
  • 5. The great war has been a rude awakening for all concerned.
  • 6. The hour of our awakening ... bird on bough!
  • 7. Compare with the Myth of the awakening of Brunhilda.
  • 8. The Awakening of Mary Fenwick.
  • 9. But the awakening was as free from disturbance as the dream had been.
  • 10. That was a good while ago, and at last the awakening had begun.
  • 11. In particular it signifies the birth or awakening of love in the human soul.
  • 12. The world was awakening from its long slumber, and summer was at hand.
  • 13. The steamer now shivered and trembled, as if awakening from a nice nap.
  • 14. Then, almost at the same moment, a queer awakening came for both of them.
  • 15. The time for the King's awakening had not yet come.
  • 16. To see within our infant's eyes The awakening of the soul.
  • 17. She circled the picket, awakening Collie, who spoke to her sleepily.
  • 18. The hour of Europe's awakening from its scornful dreams had come.

How to use Awakening in a Sentence?

  • 1. Moralising reflection is the awakening of subjectivity and of a deeper personality.
  • 2. And what is its character but its peculiar power of awakening certain emotions?
  • 3. In awakening his sympathy she had awakened also a deep-rooted protective instinct.
  • 4. She was afraid, for some reason which she could not define, of awakening her aunt.
  • 5. But early the next morning the awakening came, and with it an undefined sense of misery.
  • 6. After sleep came awakening, and after awakening came labor with fresh toil and weariness.
  • 7. Instantly every one was awake, though only half so, for the awakening had come so suddenly.
  • 8. For an hour or two the air was perfectly motionless, and full of low, humming, awakening sounds.
  • 9. And the whole transaction will have the effect of awakening and cherishing the sentiment of gratitude in her heart.
  • 10. Thus the dreams show that unselective awakening of ideas which is to be expected from a general decrease of functioning.
  • 11. Music is a powerful element in awakening emotion in the speaker and bringing to consciousness the mysterious inner voices of the soul.
  • 12. This only aggravated my troubles, by increasing my passion, and awakening the jealousy of her parti-colored lover.
  • 13. The best method of hypnotizing is the one which relies essentially on the spoken word, awakening through speech the idea of the approach of sleep.
  • 14. The item in the paper that had brought about this rude awakening was an account of how Buck had broken jail and escaped.
  • 15. I had less fear of his awakening since seeing the half-emptied bottle, but far greater fear of what he might do when he did awake.
  • 16. We strode through the empty room, awakening dismal echoes as we trod the bare boards, and flung open the other door.
  • 17. The blow struck Adam out of a tranquil rest, and he thought nothing better than that he was awakening for another world.
  • 18. Dogs barked, men shouted hoarsely, their yells awakening the forest birds whose cries of alarm echoed and reechoed throughout the night.
  • 19. Joe cast a disapproving look at the opening as we stood by the crib side, but, fearful of awakening the little sleeper, he said nothing.
  • 20. Until this awakening of the soul takes place, we mistake in thinking that we either live with our soul, or know our soul, or feel with our soul.
  • 21. As the final note of the first movement was dying away, the audience, awakening from its delicious trance, broke forth into spontaneous bravos.
  • 22. That which Maria had done, instead of awakening wrath, had aroused a pity for himself and for her, which seemed too great to be borne.