Award in a sentence

Definition of Award

(transitive, law) To give by sentence or judicial determination; to assign or apportion, after careful regard to the nature of the case; to adjudge | (intransitive) To determine; to make or grant an award. | (transitive) To give an award (prize) for merit.

Short Example Sentence for Award

  • 1. The award was a matter of secondary importance.
  • 2. O God! award no punishment for this on judgment day!
  • 3. History, however, will award his Majesty his just deserts.
  • 4. By his award the claim of the United States was sustained.
  • 5. The award of Grecian umpires or of him Who ruined me.
  • 6. Here also was the authority with whom it lay to award the prize.
  • 7. But the value of the treaty of 1871 was not in the award made.
  • 8. Congress has never made any decision or award at all in the premises.
  • 9. Euler-Chelpin received his award for his research in fermentation.
  • 10. In the settlement of the Keats award the land was confirmed to Montsioa.
  • 11. Even as between Paul and Wyatt it is not easy to award due measure of praise.
  • 12. The award of the Royal Medal was felt by Huxley to be a turning-point.
  • 13. ALL ABOUT EVE took the Academy Award in 1950.

How to use Award in a Sentence?

  • 1. Every man who engaged in this desperate struggle deserved the highest award of valour.
  • 2. In all other respects their position shall be regulated by an award of the Realm.
  • 3. When the time has expired, form couples for a cake walk before the judges and award the prizes.
  • 4. An order by the Bishop of a diocese to award some privilege not permitted by common law.
  • 5. In the first place I award that Miss Valence remain in this house, forget and forgive her wrongs.
  • 6. The hope of the award to yourself and friends must be as satisfactory as the judgment of the court.
  • 7. Members agree to carry out an arbitral award and not to go to war with any party to the dispute which complies with it.
  • 8. That the miscreants deserved all the punishment which the law might award them, she had no doubt whatever.
  • 9. It was as though she were presiding over the discussion, and would award the prize to the victor when it was finished.
  • 10. The award comes in the shape of a diploma with a bronze medal and a special report of the judges upon its subject.
  • 11. The high contracting parties agree that they will carry out in full good faith any award that may be rendered.
  • 12. Take the matter of proportion of kernel, the highest award for which was 15 points in 1918 and also in 1919.
  • 13. Tenders were submitted for the construction of the whole road, but the government decided to award the contract in small sections.
  • 14. Neither state was satisfied with the award and the second Balkan war broke out before the transfer had been effected.
  • 15. If differences arise between my people, they come to me and I judge the cases and award justice to all.
  • 16. Was given an "Excellence in Design" award by VPIS for outstanding interior renovation.
  • 17. Each of these men presented a claim to the commission, and, there being no defence, an award of $20,000 was made to each.
  • 18. Since thou dost award such punishment to wretched amourist, never more after this will I steal kisses.
  • 19. With a decision prompt and unanimous, this act was voted a robbery, the calf a felon, and the award death without delay.
  • 20. Saint Columba, even, was visited with her displeasure because he refused to connive at her faults with the award of his blessing.
  • 21. The Insurance appraisers' award fixing the amount of damage at $5,509, was then presented.
  • 22. She looked so fiercely eager, with such a vivid light of hope in her eye, that I decided to award her a husband on the spot.
  • 23. Although Aias was the most valiant, the judges made the award to Odysseus, because he was the wisest.
  • 24. Juno spoke first, and she offered to bestow kingly power and immense wealth upon Paris, if he would award the prize to her.
  • 25. Each report, upon its completion, is delivered to the Centennial Commission for award and publication.
  • 26. Law should award only penalties strictly and evidently necessary to the general security; they should be proportioned to the offence and useful to society.
  • 27. And there were on all hands men of business and students of science who did not believe in the award of the fairies, for the very good reason that they did not believe in fairies.