Aware in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Aware

1. Is he aware of your departure? 🔊

2. She was aware of his eyes following her. 🔊

3. I was not aware that there was anything wrong about it. 🔊

4. They also became aware there were dogs on the place. 🔊

5. Sir, you must be aware that all is explained already. 🔊

6. She became aware after a minute that Patty was speaking. 🔊

7. In fact, I suppose I was not even aware of his existence. 🔊

8. I'm afraid you are not aware of his value. 🔊

9. He was aware that it was accepted as a fact that he had gone to the bad. 🔊

10. You could see by her agitation that she was well aware of what was going on. 🔊

11. Then she was aware of a single figure climbing the steps towards her. 🔊

12. But he became aware of a bad smell and concluded he would go no farther. 🔊

13. Even as she spoke, however, she was aware that she did know this young man. 🔊

How to use Aware in Sentences?

1. He was quite aware that there was not enough concerted action among the various tribes. 🔊

2. She resisted the temptation to jerk it back as soon as she was aware of its contact with another. 🔊

3. Joan was aware that people were beginning to discuss the affair, and to watch her curiously. 🔊

4. She passed the footmen at the door, quite aware of their stares and equally undaunted by them. 🔊

5. But his four-in-hand seemed aware of the fact, and took no ungenerous advantage of him. 🔊

6. I was aware that of all the hundred versions of Appomattox, not one was really correct. 🔊

7. And yet I was aware of a stir of some kind away back in the deeps of my memory somewhere. 🔊

8. The fact is sufficiently well attested; I am not aware that it has ever been accounted for. 🔊

9. As they neared Paris, they heard firing, and became aware a slight skirmish was in progress. 🔊

10. I am afraid I shall be thought very unfeeling; I am not aware that I was, nevertheless. 🔊

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