Axioms in a sentence

Definition of Axioms

plural of axiom

How to use Axioms in a Sentence?

  • Reality is to be set forth in theorems derived from fundamental axioms and definitions.
  • For us it still lies beyond reason, but is beginning to be clearer than the axioms of reason.
  • The entire books of Euclid are after all but the outcome of a few axioms and accepted definitions.
  • The process of proof is purely Deductive (the axioms and definitions being granted).
  • First, there are Axioms or Principles, that is real, universal, self-evident propositions.
  • The consistency of the axiom of choice and of the generalized continuum-hypothesis with the axioms of set theory.
  • Why may not even our sense of the validity of inference and of the truth of the axioms of geometry be a pure hallucination?
  • Congruence is extended in any space beyond parallel rects to all rects by two axioms depending on perpendicularity.
  • In modern expositions of the axioms of geometry certain conditions are laid down which the relation of congruence between segments is to satisfy.
  • By the aid of these two axioms the theory of congruence can be extended so as to compare lengths of segments on any two rects.
  • Ethics have their axioms like other sciences; and these axioms are rightly called in all languages moral truths.
  • The reader will of course understand the precise amount of seasoning which must be added to it before he adopts it as one of the axioms of his life.
  • It is very evident that there are no mathematics without axioms and definitions, that is to say, without absolute principles.
  • We cannot prove all our axioms by the study of errors and, indeed, are by no means solely dependent on this material.
  • We must know how to write longhand before we can write shorthand; we must know the axioms before we can propound original geometric theories.
  • These two high art axioms may be given as a safe foundation for the choice of colors, in following which no one can greatly err.
  • There was a well-dressed bald-headed individual laying down the axioms of that very Socialism of which Geisner and he had been talking.
  • The essential logical characteristics of this relation from which all the properties of space spring are expressed by mathematicians in the axioms of geometry.
  • The Mathematical Axioms would then never be applicable to space or time, or to the objects or processes that fill them.
  • A man who was continuously firing off adages and axioms would be as terrible an infliction as the inveterate anecdotist or the everlasting pun-producer.
  • By means of these axioms formulae for the transformation of measurements made in one time-system to measurements of the same facts of nature made in another time-system can be deduced.
  • Men and women of the younger generation, whatever their views, find no support in him, because he appeals to axioms and postulates which to them seem unreal.
  • From such remarks proceeded that great number of sententious distichs, which have passed into conversation, and are added as proverbial axioms to the general stock of practical knowledge.
  • Being an attempt to get rid of axioms altogether; and to establish the theory of parallel lines, without the introduction of any principle not common to other parts of the elements.
  • His opinions undoubtedly shifted with the veering of his moods, but on the whole these axioms of suspense mark the central point to which they constantly tended to return, and at which they rested longest.
  • Such are what some people have called the laws of thought, the conceptions of space and of time, and axioms or first principles, which need no proof and cannot be proved or denied.

Short Example Sentence for Axioms

  • All axioms are verbal propositions.
  • But neither of these axioms is universally correct.
  • Spinoza believed his definitions and axioms expressed.
  • The details of these axioms do not now concern us.
  • These axioms help us to build up certain propositions.
  • By Machiavelian axioms taught?
  • Into the ground of these axioms the geometrician does not enquire.
  • On the other hand, what are axioms to you are often problems to them.
  • This disposition to cavil at received axioms has beset me through life.
  • The principles of ethics are immutable axioms like those of geometry.
  • To these axioms agreed the press, the pulpit and the politician.
  • If the axioms mean anything for men, they mean something for women.
  • The principles of Jefferson are the definitions and axioms of free society.
  • It is not this which is denied by the axioms of Montaigne and Bacon.