Badly in a sentence 🔊

Definition of Badly

(Northern England) Ill, unwell. | In a bad manner. | Very much; to a great degree.

Short Example Sentence for Badly

  • 1. The advance was badly conducted. 🔊
  • 2. Made dishes were very few and badly cooked. 🔊
  • 3. It was badly spelt, but most touching. 🔊
  • 4. We started for home, pretty badly scared. 🔊
  • 5. Things were going badly for the Allies. 🔊
  • 6. Very badly injured in an accident, Autumn, 1910. 🔊
  • 7. At the end we clapped and murmured our applause and wanted badly to cheer. 🔊
  • 8. In one of his falls he managed so badly that he hurt his leg seriously. 🔊
  • 9. It would have gone badly with him then, had not a tailor happened to pass by. 🔊
  • 10. I got it badly with all the symptoms, including the last two. 🔊
  • 11. The dancing-master can never teach a badly built man to walk well. 🔊
  • 12. Surely, if ever a man was fairly and very badly beaten, this one was. 🔊
  • 13. The poor chick might be badly hurt, but it could still squawk and struggle. 🔊
  • 14. She was badly hurt, but, as a medical student, he knew what to do. 🔊
  • 15. Flew in the first British aerial post and was badly injured. 🔊
  • 16. The office itself he found small, badly lighted, and ill ventilated. 🔊
  • 17. The dive, badly lighted and ventilated, was counted tough among tough places. 🔊
  • 18. Was Dick very badly hurt?" queried Walter Stone. 🔊
  • 19. A stiff struggle then took place in which Johnson's men were badly worsted. 🔊

How to use Badly in Sentence?

  • 1. Huddled up under this thatch, it might almost be taken for a bundle of coarse and badly dried hay. 🔊
  • 2. The blow had badly stunned Gray, and it was some time before he recovered consciousness. 🔊
  • 3. The day had begun badly for Ada, and her anger increased as she brooded over her wrongs. 🔊
  • 4. Even when Bowles started to rise to the trot the Water-dog was no more than badly puzzled. 🔊
  • 5. And then they did indeed repent and feel sorry for having treated her so badly in their youthful days. 🔊
  • 6. You know how badly we need you, and how anxious we are to have you take the lead in the coming debate. 🔊
  • 7. Boyce wasn't very badly hurt, only having cut up his shoulder like a deep scrape. 🔊
  • 8. It spoils a horse to be always tugging at his mouth, but he will go very badly if he does not feel that there is a hand on the reins. 🔊
  • 9. As it was, he was badly jarred, not only by the shock of the buck-jumps but also by the caustic comments of the cowboys. 🔊
  • 10. This was greeted with a cheer, and he came back safe to be decorated and to play whist at his club as badly as any member in it. 🔊
  • 11. Of course, if he had a tumble going at that speed he was much more apt to be badly hurt, but he had no time to think of that. 🔊
  • 12. They came out to me in badly battered and disreputable-looking old square pasteboard boxes, two hundred in a box. 🔊
  • 13. And how ill, how hopelessly stricken, the haggard face looked under the thick mass of badly dyed hair. 🔊
  • 14. The other vessel returned with sixty hands to Maluco for it was leaking badly and not in a condition to undertake the voyage. 🔊
  • 15. As shown in the annexed Memoir, the inhabitants are not so badly off as they try to make us believe. 🔊
  • 16. I should have wanted her company nearly as badly if she had been some crippled old lady; we would have hunted shoulder to shoulder, as two men. 🔊
  • 17. Of the guerrillas, twenty-five had been slain outright, as many badly wounded, and twenty prisoners had been taken. 🔊
  • 18. His leg was badly broken, and nearly severed by his efforts to get loose, and the bark of the poles was worn away within reach of his struggles. 🔊
  • 19. And the chances are that had Kingdon Knox appeared at that moment things would have fared badly with him. 🔊
  • 20. He was very badly off for an energetic commander of cavalry there, and discussed the matter with General Halleck. 🔊
  • 21. He thrust forward his foot, from which he had cut away the boot, and Gray could see that it was discoloured and badly swollen. 🔊