Band in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Band

1. The band was totally dispersed. 🔊

2. Sie band ihn nicht an sie. 🔊

3. An excellent band played ball music. 🔊

4. A band in two divisions graced the ground floor. 🔊

5. Here the Turkish band used to play in the evening. 🔊

6. It was now light, and they saw the band numbered at least fifty. 🔊

7. Next moment a broad band of light fell into the night through the opened door. 🔊

8. He had supposed Porter's band to be entirely dispersed. 🔊

9. As soon as the band had passed by, Banfi continued his journey. 🔊

10. Koenneritz, Von, principal director of the Court band and Opera in Dresden. 🔊

11. A ship's band blared rag-time and horn-pipes all night long. 🔊

How to use Band in Sentences?

1. Of the band not more than thirty escaped, and most of these by taking to the woods. 🔊

2. Besides which, the sympathy of the whole land was with the little band of heroes. 🔊

3. The captain of the band conducted me in triumph, supposing me to be the prince. 🔊

4. He dived into one of the bedrooms and reappeared in his band costume, cornet in hand. 🔊

5. The band shrieked out its cheap melodies, the dancers danced beneath the glare of electric lights. 🔊

6. Lawrence, with his scouts, had met this band the year before, and given it a crushing defeat. 🔊

7. As this is a Country of Priests, you shall see ten Sparks of the Band to one of the Sword. 🔊

8. More than once would the pursuers have been at fault had it not been for Lawrence and his little band of scouts. 🔊