Beatitude in a sentence

Definition of Beatitude

(uncountable) Supreme, utmost bliss and happiness. | Any one of the Biblical blessings given by Jesus in Matthew 5:3–12. E.g.: "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth"(Matthew 5:5).

Short Example Sentence for Beatitude

  • 1. Theirs is the beatitude of a wholly untroubled joy.
  • 2. Such a picture of gushing beatitude as he could paint!
  • 3. This beatitude dips from on high down on us, and we see.
  • 4. On their faces was the same beatitude that the statues displayed.
  • 5. And the beatitude of man they hold to lie in being freed from fascination.
  • 6. And the beatitude of man they hold to lie in being freed from fascination.
  • 7. Christ's first beatitude is to the poor in spirit.

How to use Beatitude in a Sentence?

  • 1. The problem of eternal beatitude is one of those whose solution is known only to God.
  • 2. The fourth Beatitude tells us that if we want righteousness seriously, we can have it.
  • 3. White purified spirits of clouds, resting on their way to the beatitude of Nirvana?
  • 4. In calm beatitude and tranquil ease, Smile sweetly down upon its cradled sleep.
  • 5. This song appeals to the sentiment of the beautiful in me, and suggests a serene religious beatitude as no other sound in nature does.
  • 6. But the human being, whose beatitude is "the communion of the just," is so universally related, that he cannot go alone at all.
  • 7. The beginning of all beatitude and ground of all is good digestion, good sleep, good-nature, and the cheer undeniable of an average human day.
  • 8. That Manlio, pale as a statue with the force of his emotion, should wear a look of almost superhuman beatitude was only natural and proper.
  • 9. The first Beatitude enjoins detachment, such as His who emptied Himself, as having nothing and yet possessing all things.