Beautiful in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Beautiful

1. Describe the beautiful view from the summit. 🔊

2. It was a clear beautiful morning. 🔊

3. Her beautiful eyes were red with weeping. 🔊

4. And has the mirror nothing beautiful to show? 🔊

5. Down there in the beech wood there is a beautiful glade. 🔊

6. The country is looking very beautiful just at present. 🔊

7. Its beautiful coat was matted with blood and dust. 🔊

8. The streets are often shaded with beautiful palm trees. 🔊

9. It is such a sweet, darling, beautiful thing to come to me! 🔊

10. I seemed to identify myself with the beautiful Anastatia. 🔊

11. Illustrated with 50 beautiful Photogravure Engravings. 🔊

12. Passengers and crew were all saved and among them a beautiful young girl. 🔊

13. So beautiful was he that I could not help looking at his face. 🔊

14. These are beautiful creatures--these triplets. 🔊

How to use Beautiful in Sentences?

1. It was astonishing to see so delicate and beautiful a being buffet so resolutely with hardships. 🔊

2. Now what can be done to make a street or road beautiful and pleasant in warm weather? 🔊

3. In the first picture in this book notice the beautiful dome and the great high stairs. 🔊

4. Many do not know how beautiful the bare trees look in winter with their gray or brown branches. 🔊

5. No matter to what port she steered; any part of so beautiful a world was better than my convent. 🔊

6. It was a clear beautiful afternoon, and the air on the grassy uplands was fresh and bracing. 🔊