Befriend in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Befriend

1. He is seeking only to befriend and aid. 🔊

2. He had to contact them, befriend them. 🔊

3. But chance seemed not inclined to befriend them. 🔊

4. They know how to befriend a woman who needs help. 🔊

5. Was it George who was asking her to befriend him? 🔊

6. Who was to befriend little Ruth Bellenden now? 🔊

7. When kindly you mind me, O then befriend my Jean! 🔊

8. The Chickasaws Befriend the Americans. 🔊

9. She knows that we all want to befriend him and that we all are his friends. 🔊

10. He is not ashamed to befriend those whom the world casts off as hopeless. 🔊

11. Although she wished to befriend him, her father might be in a different mood. 🔊

12. Shade of CICERO, befriend me! 🔊

13. To-morrow thou shalt have a fair field, and heaven befriend the juster side! 🔊

14. On thy dark road of life May no kind one befriend thee! 🔊

15. Others can befriend their bodies a little: He can befriend both body and soul. 🔊

16. Protect, Lord, those we leave behind, Let each befriend the other. 🔊

How to use Befriend in Sentences?

1. The youths befriend a city waif, who in turn makes a revelation which clears up the mystery. 🔊

2. And I could see how in all he said he was almost pleading with us to befriend his boy. 🔊

3. And may befriend a man, do him fair courtesies, If he have business your way. 🔊

4. Your people, though, have managed to befriend at least two species that I have seen. 🔊