Bellicose in a sentence

Definition of Bellicose

Warlike in nature; aggressive; hostile. | Showing or having the impulse to be combative.

Short Example Sentence for Bellicose

  • 1. Hermione was easily chaffed out of her bellicose mood.
  • 2. The groom looked quite bellicose and daring.
  • 3. The bellicose Germans to tame.
  • 4. Behold our bellicose sister American republics.
  • 5. The dictator himself confronted him with unmistakably bellicose intentions.
  • 6. The disappointment was felt keenly even by the bellicose cook.

How to use Bellicose in a Sentence?

  • 1. Then follows the interminable history of the lecherous and bellicose King Omar.
  • 2. In his own body there was not one drop of martial blood; in his being not an iota of the bellicose spirit.
  • 3. Two bellicose goats once encountered each other in the middle of a narrow bridge spanning a deep gulf and a raging torrent.
  • 4. This irritation was accompanied by an unmistakable bellicose spirit which called forth its natural counterpart in Petrograd.
  • 5. The diversion saved the Englishman from any bellicose intention of the mate, who hurried off to take a hand in the sport.
  • 6. And the German people, bellicose though you think them, are to the full as peace-loving as our own.
  • 7. Adzatathat, who was of a bellicose temper, quarrelled with his uncle on account of some districts in Kaci, which he seized by force of arms.
  • 8. The guilds of mestizos and natives were continually watching one another, venting their bellicose spirits and their activities in jealousy and distrust.
  • 9. What country warmed by the sun is more bellicose and better armed than our Italy, or where are there more continuous wars and greater routs and sieges?