Belonging in a sentence

Definition of Belonging

present participle of belong | (uncountable) The feeling that one belongs. | (countable, chiefly in the plural) Something physical that is owned.

How to use Belonging in a Sentence?

  • And he forthwith imagined that some damsel belonging to the duchess had become enamored of him.
  • Even now, if anybody belonging to a circus asks him for something, he never refuses him.
  • The sword and cocoanut now form part of the heraldic arms belonging to Makassar.
  • These animals were not counted among those belonging to the Company, which was very careless.
  • A pair of boar-hounds, belonging to old Heinrich, were being led to the other end of the court.
  • You will recall, Mademoiselle," humbly, "that we have taken nothing belonging to you.
  • It was required that the messengers should be freemen belonging to the county, and have all the qualifications of the simple schoeppen.
  • Some of the panels belonging to them still remain, and are incorporated in the present choir stalls.
  • The other two visit in mission the many stations in their charge, as long as there is no minister belonging to each of these.
  • When he caught a familiar and surprised eye belonging to one of them, which he did more than once, he grinned and winked.
  • We subjoin a few poems, belonging to the third period, which were omitted in our former selections from that division.
  • In like manner, the elements belonging to the odd periods are very similar and are arranged at the right side of the group columns.
  • I am usually free from it; but on this occasion I had some luggage belonging to a friend to look after.
  • I call it a town, for it certainly possessed one street and a bazaar, and swarmed with natives other than those belonging to the force.
  • Her way lay in part through a little plantation skirting a hay-field belonging to the Greymoor estate.
  • All the same, as soon as they were alone in the dining-room the old sense of intimacy, of belonging to each other, suddenly returned.
  • The stuffiness increased to a degree that is sometimes preached in Christian churches as belonging to a sulphurous sphere beyond the grave.
  • She staggers beneath a load of impedimenta belonging to her princely father: bags, bundles, and a heavy cloak.
  • Thirty large troop boats, and some boats belonging to the ships, were in readiness, and 1700 men took their places in them.
  • It was rather larger than the rest, and had one or two out-buildings attached, and also a considerable piece of garden ground belonging to it.
  • His property lay so close to Washington that it was certain to be destroyed and swept of every slave, as belonging to a rebel.
  • The police belonging to the King discovered that there was likewise a scheme on foot for poisoning the Queen.
  • This particular summer they were at a pleasant farmhouse in level country near Pangbourne, belonging to the Hon.
  • The bishop assembled his own people and called on his allies to aid him, and they took two castles belonging to the count and pushed him to extremity.
  • The Klausenburg town-council has forcibly removed the market booths belonging to the Unitarian Church.
  • These are inalienable rights belonging alike to every individual, subject only to the limitation that they are not permitted to encroach upon the rights of others.
  • Nevertheless a series of crimes in which youths belonging to the respectable classes have been known to participate must be regarded as directly attributable to the excitement of political agitation.
  • As numerals belonging to two different series are never found in the same compartment it is fair to assume that those of the middle and right compartments pertain to one series.
  • In their charge is the chaplaincy of the presidio of the Spaniards, and the mission to the natives and those of other nationalities belonging to this presidio.
  • There was a row of currant-bushes near it, and his father said he might consider all those opposite his piece of ground as included in it, and belonging to him.
  • Even Prussia and Livonia, then belonging to the order of the Teutonic knights, were annoyed by their interference.

Short Example Sentence for Belonging

  • After all it was somebody belonging to me.
  • And I to the right belonging to a ... what ere he says.
  • Snivel was a dog belonging to Mr B. in early days.
  • Excuse their long ears, a little peculiarity belonging to parsonic deer.
  • She sent for several persons belonging to her Court; their doors were locked.
  • All gnawing creatures, belonging to the Glirine or Rodentia order.
  • There's only two of us in the world belonging to each other. . .
  • Baal's: belonging to the local deities of the ancient Semitic race.
  • I never knew a 'Ganius' yet that was n't the ruin of all belonging to him!

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