Beneficial in a sentence

Definition of Beneficial

Helpful or good to something or someone. | Relating to a benefice. | Something that is beneficial.

Short Example Sentence for Beneficial

  • 1. These results would prove beneficial to the community.
  • 2. How far was this heritage beneficial to the Hebrews?
  • 3. On the Moral Limits of Beneficial Commerce.
  • 4. Is there any other remedy, that has the same general and beneficial effect?
  • 5. A brief variant relationship proves beneficial to a hysterical invalid.
  • 6. I cannot think that what is done in France is beneficial to the human race.
  • 7. The drift of emigration westward was beneficial to St. Louis in every way.

How to use Beneficial in a Sentence?

  • 1. Never had such a beneficial change been wrought in the short space of eighteen months.
  • 2. The employment of aromatics as prophylactics is not less beneficial in children than in adults.
  • 3. Is the tendency to idealize the men of the past beneficial in its effect upon the race?
  • 4. During a war a noble man desires such an issue as may be most beneficial to the whole world....
  • 5. Though it seems to be a shadowy distinction, yet I believe it to be beneficial in effect.
  • 6. It is an acknowledged fact that competition in the business life of our city is beneficial to the consumer.
  • 7. There is no doubt possible that the work of the psychotherapist can be very beneficial in producing sleep by suggestion.
  • 8. I don't know how you got on to that treatment, but it is having a very beneficial effect.
  • 9. Most dangerous it is for a politician to commit himself to a beneficial enterprise; for the people might oppose it!
  • 10. I hear on good medical authority that the waters are most beneficial to renovate health and arrest decay.
  • 11. I have witnessed the most beneficial effects from the practice, and can strongly recommend it to the attention of the profession.
  • 12. This is one of the beneficial results of protecting a nation, and squandering blood and treasure in its defence.
  • 13. It might seem as though an evening spent in the society of a good woman had a beneficial effect upon him.
  • 14. That an influence on the inner life of man may be beneficial for his health is a commonplace truth to-day for everybody.
  • 15. After this, the child is put into a sieve and shaken, it being supposed that this operation is beneficial to its stomach.
  • 16. It can be eaten with sugar, which not only sweetens it but is beneficial in affording additional suitable food for the acid-producing bacilli.
  • 17. Hot baths for his hands and steam inhalations no longer had any beneficial effect, though they had alleviated his pain hitherto.
  • 18. Whichever form of deity one worships with faith, from it he obtains the beneficial things he desires really given by me.
  • 19. However, he quickly saw that the exercise would be beneficial to him, and pushed on several miles to the westward.
  • 20. Judicious thinning out, under proper supervision, would have a most beneficial effect on the size of the fish generally.
  • 21. Moreover, the cutting of other trees and shrubs for firewood certainly has a beneficial effect upon the forest trees left standing.
  • 22. One was that he thought a change would be beneficial to his mother, who grieved so over the loss of his father, whom she had deeply loved.
  • 23. But, if the exercise be ill-timed or carried to excess, the beneficial results sought will probably not be attained.
  • 24. It thrives in all kinds of sugar, and therefore can be administered in a variety of media, very beneficial results following in many cases.
  • 25. After all, she had too much good common-sense and true religious feeling to sit upon her stool long without beneficial results.
  • 26. No man ever beheld more clearly, and for a longer time, the great and beneficial effects of the services rendered by himself to his country.
  • 27. Besides this, I believe good fiction one of the most beneficial reliefs to the monotonous lives of the poor.
  • 28. For the rest, except for their results, beneficial or otherwise, to the individual citizen, problems of government interested her not at all.
  • 29. This time the bath produced a beneficial effect much sooner, and I removed the patient from it in about twelve minutes.
  • 30. Still a larger proportion of insects are directly beneficial from their habit of attacking injurious species, such as the ichneumons (Fig.
  • 31. But it was an accident most beneficial to Dr. Johnson that nearly all these men left no near relatives behind to call him to account.
  • 32. They pretend that their doctrines are infinitely beneficial to mankind; but it seems they would keep them to themselves, if they were not greatly provoked.
  • 33. As there is a moral limit to the magnitude of beneficial commerce with the foreigner, much more is there a moral limit to the beneficial magnitude of landed estates.