Benevolence In A Sentence

Definition of Benevolence

(uncountable) Disposition to do good. | (uncountable) Charitable kindness. | (countable) An altruistic gift or act.

How To Use Benevolence In A Sentence?

  • This benevolence is the third form in which we have already seen what is called love.
  • A certain rude benevolence of public intention is equally characteristic of the liquor trade.
  • If he had, it would tax his divine benevolence to see that he forbore to pursue it.
  • It was to him a fair and mysterious visitant, who came in pure benevolence to cheer his solitude.
  • Next after this, comes intellectual improvement; and, last of all, benevolence and religion.
  • This will is Infinite Benevolence and Beneficence revealed in the self-sacrifice of Jesus.
  • Gerald was in general touched to benevolence at sight of a poor devil elated by his little draught of success.
  • They were much delighted by the graciousness and benevolence of the king, and took up their quarters in the island.
  • Her home was always a delightful retreat for the ministers of the gospel and those who represented worthy causes of benevolence and charity.
  • Her responsibility, in reference to the institutions of benevolence and religion, is deeply realized.
  • This must be done very cautiously, and the expansion of benevolence by no means hurried or made a task of.
  • His tone was grim; the usual indifferent benevolence of demeanor toward a townsman was conspicuously absent.
  • Hattie opened her eyes wide at this discovery, though now she realized that echoes of a like benevolence had reached her ears before.
  • In regard to the great deficiencies of domestics, in qualifications for their duties, much patience and benevolence are required.
  • Man must be made acquainted with his own nature before God's benevolence can be realized.
  • The fire of benevolence and sympathy warmed every vein, and a new life animated every nerve within me.
  • Those, who never have had such habits formed in youth, are under disadvantages, which no benevolence of temper can remedy.
  • Excommunication among the Indian professors of transcendental benevolence meant social death and inconceivable cruelty.
  • His manner was, or appeared to me, most fascinating; there was a mingled kindness and courtesy in it which seemed to speak benevolence itself.
  • Yet between pride and benevolence Eleanor's ride was likely to be scarce a pleasant one.
  • When the second shall have received its accomplishment, I beg you will show your benevolence to me and my people.
  • Where in such pietism do we find the universality of obligation involved in the ethical law of benevolence or in the Christian law of love?
  • Such feeble sentiments as mercy, benevolence and effusive love, scarcely find place in this conception of the source of universal order.
  • I do hope the reign of benevolence is over; until that event occurs I am sure the reign of God will be impossible.
  • Most smiles express either benevolence or gaiety; but Mrs Boswell's did neither.
  • They should be taught to regard it, as their manual of piety, justice, veracity, chastity, temperance, benevolence and of all excellent virtues.
  • If her face had not been held together by a certain shrewd benevolence which was spread all over it, she would have been a singularly forbidding-looking woman.
  • He was a most markedly benevolent-looking old man, and had about him that copious halo of hair with which benevolence seems to delight to surround itself.
  • Universal benevolence you are always to inculcate, and by the regularity of your own behavior afford the best example for the conduct of others less informed.
  • Sophy would not bow her head to Mrs. Smilker, nor longer eat the bread of benevolence embittered by servitude.
  • The millions of money which have been poured into its treasury, mostly from the private benevolence of our own citizens, is the crown of glory for that institution.
  • We shock the coarse, vulgar prejudices of the rabble, while the disinterested benevolence we profess is to them an enigma to be solved only by the imputation of fanaticism.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Benevolence | Benevolence Sentence

  • He beamed again with benevolence as he pledged the judge.
  • Mutual benevolence is organized for greater effectiveness.
  • All the benevolence of his manly nature was called forth.
  • Under the third head, place all that is spent for benevolence and religion.
  • In her his spirit must survive, his benevolence still be operative.
  • Both the law of benevolence and the Christian law of love demand this.
  • Self-denying benevolence of Christ's, 169.
  • Her great act of benevolence was her protection of Port-Royal.

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