Brain in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Brain

1. My brain is giving way! 🔊

2. Her brain had indeed given out. 🔊

3. Her sick brain put the question over and over again. 🔊

4. My brain it doth well-nigh confound. 🔊

5. His eyes were blurred and his brain grew numb. 🔊

6. Cloete's brain reels at the thought. 🔊

7. I have been torturing my brain about that for the last twenty-four hours. 🔊

8. Here we have a brain measuring only eighteen and three-quarter inches. 🔊

9. My brain for a moment brightened, became animated and prolific of ideas. 🔊

10. Fever was in every pulse; my brain was seething, burning lava. 🔊

11. No brain could be clearer than Josh Perrott's now. 🔊

12. It's as easy to transfer a pattern from a dead brain as a living one. 🔊

How to use Brain in Sentences?

1. It was some time before his reeling brain could realize where he was, or why he was there. 🔊

2. He racked his brain for suitable conversation to offer, and for suitable language to offer it in. 🔊

3. A thousand riotous thoughts clamored suddenly for recognition, and his brain reeled at the shock. 🔊

4. The man stopped to think, trying to remember, but his brain refused the effort. 🔊

5. She was an English woman, a Miss Holland, with an able brain behind a pretty, calm face. 🔊

6. I did not reflect that these new and sublime truths had formerly passed through my own brain as the dreams of a wandering imagination. 🔊