Briskness in a sentence

Definition of Briskness

The property of being brisk.

How to use Briskness in a Sentence?

  • Jaded as they were they trotted along with a briskness never seen before on that trip.
  • Then with returning briskness she got up and found street apparel and left the house.
  • She had to prod herself into fresh briskness with the sense of her need, that to-day was the end.
  • Finally on the sixth day The Roman arrived with a briskness that was at once noted and analyzed.
  • He protested no more; she liked him for that, too, as also for the briskness in his tone and manner when he spoke next.
  • Those wines which effervesce or froth, when poured into a glass, contain also carbonic acid, to which their briskness is owing.
  • Don Diego marvelled much at the briskness of the plans for a season of hunting ere his troublesome charge was well able to see out of both eyes.
  • Then, from the briskness with which she began to speak, I knew that she had found some solution of the human problem before us.
  • The face was swarthy with sun and wrinkled with age that was given the lie by the briskness of his movements and the alertness in the keen black eyes.
  • Doctor Boyd had lost none of the briskness of youth, despite his lameness, nor his fingers their skill, but his face was a mass of wrinkles.
  • It was a young man, sitting remote from the windows, whose face, in the shadows of the big, bare room, showed yet a briskness of coloring.
  • When they had vanished, however, he came towards us with a briskness which showed that he had taken more interest in our movements than he appeared to do.
  • The old apple-dealer never speaks an unnecessary word not that he is sullen and morose; but there is none of the cheeriness and briskness in him that stirs up people to talk.
  • The briskness of these and the like preparations, which even for one of my age and in my state of anxiety were not devoid, of pleasure, prevented my thoughts dwelling on the future.
  • A thousand Blushes play about your Cheeks, Which shows the briskness of the Blood that warms them.
  • Running with amazing briskness on his three sound legs, the dog began to quarter the undergrowth in ever-widening half-circles, while the men stood waiting and watching.
  • Some business-like briskness is manifested in the early hours of the second morning, for tradesmen observe the ancient custom of inaugurating the commerce of the opening year and give out presents to their customers.

Short Example Sentence for Briskness

  • Breathing briskness and conviction?
  • Her secret agitation peeped out in the added briskness of her tones.
  • What followed occurred with all the briskness of a tune from a circus band.
  • Hugh's briskness did not seem to be entirely good-natured.

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