Briskness in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Briskness

1. Breathing briskness and conviction? 🔊

2. Her secret agitation peeped out in the added briskness of her tones. 🔊

3. What followed occurred with all the briskness of a tune from a circus band. 🔊

4. Hugh's briskness did not seem to be entirely good-natured. 🔊

How to use Briskness in Sentences?

1. Jaded as they were they trotted along with a briskness never seen before on that trip. 🔊

2. Then with returning briskness she got up and found street apparel and left the house. 🔊

3. She had to prod herself into fresh briskness with the sense of her need, that to-day was the end. 🔊

4. Finally on the sixth day The Roman arrived with a briskness that was at once noted and analyzed. 🔊

5. Those wines which effervesce or froth, when poured into a glass, contain also carbonic acid, to which their briskness is owing. 🔊

6. Don Diego marvelled much at the briskness of the plans for a season of hunting ere his troublesome charge was well able to see out of both eyes. 🔊

7. Then, from the briskness with which she began to speak, I knew that she had found some solution of the human problem before us. 🔊

8. The face was swarthy with sun and wrinkled with age that was given the lie by the briskness of his movements and the alertness in the keen black eyes. 🔊

9. It was a young man, sitting remote from the windows, whose face, in the shadows of the big, bare room, showed yet a briskness of coloring. 🔊

10. When they had vanished, however, he came towards us with a briskness which showed that he had taken more interest in our movements than he appeared to do. 🔊

11. The old apple-dealer never speaks an unnecessary word not that he is sullen and morose; but there is none of the cheeriness and briskness in him that stirs up people to talk. 🔊

12. A thousand Blushes play about your Cheeks, Which shows the briskness of the Blood that warms them. 🔊