Broken in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Broken

1. Go and find the broken link. 🔊

2. Have you broken the news to the future prima donna? 🔊

3. It was broken by Gray. 🔊

4. You amend My broken fortunes, or redeem them lost? 🔊

5. There's no broken link. 🔊

6. The day dream was broken by my father's voice. 🔊

7. Girls do not do away with themselves; girls do not die of broken hearts. 🔊

8. She brought two wooden chairs with broken legs to the foot of the bed. 🔊

9. His voice, a little broken with emotion, was wonderfully tender. 🔊

10. Pale and swooning, with two broken legs, they carried him into the house. 🔊

11. A little throbbing cry had broken from Helen's lips. 🔊

How to use Broken in Sentences?

1. Somebody else probably got broken shoulders before your nimble progenitor took possession. 🔊

2. Looking back upon it now she saw that it had lacked even the mournful dignity of a broken heart. 🔊

3. In an instant every piece of furniture was broken up and every bit of tapestry torn down. 🔊

4. The tender relations which had subsisted between her and Archibald were perforce broken off. 🔊

5. Sad, speechless, broken as he never was before, he does not even greet the girl as he enters. 🔊

6. Here Lawrence left instructions for them to send for a physician to set the broken leg. 🔊

7. Several of the windows were broken and patched up with boards; and others had been bricked up to save taxes. 🔊