Brush in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Brush

1. And brush his hair and his beard. 🔊

2. His horses he had concealed in the brush west of the town. 🔊

3. I really must go in and brush up a bit, as you suggest. 🔊

4. That shall ye sir, a brush there, hoe! 🔊

5. Conceal the rest of your force in the brush along the base of the mountain. 🔊

6. I fight when it suits me, and take to the brush when I want to. 🔊

7. A few minutes later, Tenlow strode from the brush leading his pony. 🔊

How to use Brush in Sentences?

1. Even in all his varied and exciting adventures he had never had a brush with such an adversary. 🔊

2. To right and left his men were beating the brush in an effort to find the fugitives. 🔊

3. The men then were placed in single line in the edge of the brush facing the open field. 🔊

4. Let this stand for fifteen minutes, then turn out on a dish and brush over with a well-beaten egg. 🔊

5. This they followed rapidly, crossing wide plains of sage brush and cactus throughout the day. 🔊

6. I hear the brush of the grass, the trip, trip, trip, as the herbage is brushed. 🔊

7. There was not a glimmer of moonlight or starlight to guide him as he went stumbling and crashing through the brush to his rag residence. 🔊

8. To their utter dismay, there was a woman running out of the thicket of brush some twenty meters away. 🔊

9. She tried to brush the tears away with her fingers; but one or two slipped past and dropped on her dress. 🔊

10. Make a light puff paste and cut into pieces about 4 inches square; brush them over with white of egg. 🔊

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