Buddy in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Buddy

1. He asked my buddy to show his hands. 🔊

2. Again Buddy shook her head. 🔊

3. Is David here a buddy you picked up on the road? 🔊

4. Our buddy is a Sudanese, from the looks of him. 🔊

5. First, Lippman just called his buddy Tog. 🔊

6. Raymond Smith was my buddy then and was at our house most of the time. 🔊

7. SEE Garis, Howard R. Buddy on Floating island. 🔊

8. So the handsome Buddy looked deep into Eveley's eyes, and sighed. 🔊

How to use Buddy in Sentences?

1. I saw you out last night with that sad-eyed Buddy soldier, and I do not approve of it. 🔊

2. I THANK God for one thing, and that iz, when every buddy else iz happy, i am sure to be. 🔊

3. Pat's been his buddy since they were over in France together, and anything that Pat says, goes. 🔊