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Definition of Businesses

plural of business

How To Use Businesses In A Sentence?

  • It is in the competition of a market that businesses meet and are vitally related.
  • He had been first manager and then director of one of the largest businesses there.
  • Hal reflected that all big businesses doubtless had their discomforting phases.
  • The computer system has been solely in the hands of big businesses and the government.
  • In this class are placed such large businesses as railways, gas, or water companies.
  • In fact, we want people to copy the businesses of others, lowering prices as a result.
  • That kind of law affected businesses with printing presses or TV towers, not normal citizens.
  • Gigantic railways and steamship companies are the successors of stage coach businesses and small shippers.
  • One that is above the world and its drudgery, and cannot pull down his thoughts to the pelting businesses of life.
  • We have so many different businesses with nature that no one of them yields us an all-embracing clasp.
  • To the most highly developed businesses of pottery and machine-making schools of art and design are not uncommonly attached.
  • Information is freely given him as he interviews men whose businesses and experiences are the depositories for a wealth of credit information.
  • There are countless men in the world living very comfortably indeed, and running businesses that were once their own property for their creditors.
  • I have many businesses in the world, and take delight in many of them; but we cannot always be busy.
  • His businesses with his friends are to visit them, and whilst the business is no more, he can perform this well enough.
  • They are educating their children, purchasing homes and establishing businesses to minister to the needs of their own peculiar group.
  • The endeavour of a number of individual businesses in a trade to fix and maintain a certain profitable scale of prices is constantly frustrated.
  • There were specialized telegraphs for businesses and stock traders, government, police and fire departments.
  • The tax suggested would be levied on the excessive profits distributed in respect of the capital embarked in businesses of every kind.
  • It will buy up such rival businesses as it deems can be worked advantageously for the purposes of the Trust.
  • These two businesses developed so wonderfully that he dropped the cobbling, at which it must be owned he was always rather a poor hand.
  • Eventually, he tells his audience, all business crime will be computer crime, because businesses will do everything through computers.
  • This most modern State is far less a swarming conflict of businesses than a great national business.
  • They dominate every field, including the so-called labor unions, which amount to one of the biggest businesses of all.
  • The businesses keep the true state-of-the-art equipment away from the people behind a steel wall of incredibly high prices and bureaucracy.
  • So, a few days before voting many of the larger industries and businesses in the State ran full page ads in the newspapers.
  • Some of them are very small, while others have businesses of L50,000 a year or more, the average being about L10,000.
  • So the broking, banking, and the general financing businesses are grouped closely round the Royal Exchange.
  • It comes home to the bosoms and businesses of men; for nothing but what so comes home to them in the most general and intelligible shape can be a subject for poetry.
  • The minute care of this kind that must be exercised in some classes of businesses explains why the small manufacturer still holds his own while the small spinner has been crushed out.
  • In certain highly-machined industries the size of the unit is so enlarged that the number of businesses engaged in turning out the ever-growing output is actually diminishing.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Businesses | Businesses Sentence

  • We have all our particular businesses to attend to.
  • His businesses with his friends are to visit them.
  • Yet it has a few businesses useful for the novice to know.
  • Plenty of good little businesses all around there.
  • By water home, and there did businesses of the office.
  • Banks and offices transferred their businesses to other towns.
  • Whaling was then one of the big businesses of our country.
  • How large these businesses were we have no means of telling.
  • Now I haven't counted my businesses in that five-and-twenty thousand pound.

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