Button in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Button

1. Again the button was absent. 🔊

2. He pushed a button on his desk. 🔊

3. I wadna gie a button for her! 🔊

4. This time the button was missing. 🔊

5. Sharp was frantically endeavouring to button up his coat. 🔊

6. I wad na gie a button for her! 🔊

7. He presented his heavy button of gold. 🔊

8. He took his hand off the button and lowered the box. 🔊

9. The ball struck a button and glanced around. 🔊

10. My! such nice little button shoes! 🔊

11. Mrs. White fastened a button on her waist. 🔊

12. She pressed a button and the bus skidded to a stop at a crossroads. 🔊

13. In answer to the pressing of the button there came a knock at the door. 🔊

14. He doted on her, and she didn't care a button for him. 🔊

15. The janitor pressed a button and the cage moved slowly upward. 🔊

16. The button bases of the patens bear the donor's crest. 🔊

17. The engineer picked up another phone, snapping a button on the base of it. 🔊

18. Which was true, though Keith would not have cared a button about it. 🔊

19. Finally, "Here's a button gone," she said. 🔊

20. Unfasten a button or two here," he said to her husband and rammed some more. 🔊

How to use Button in Sentences?

1. He fumbled with his breathing globe and then pushed the button that activated the door. 🔊

2. Again the button was absent, and that shirt followed its comrades out of the window. 🔊

3. At fifty feet, he jabbed a button on the computer, and the engines growled a harder thrust. 🔊