Calm in a sentence

Definition of Calm

(of a person) Peaceful, quiet, especially free from anger and anxiety. | (of a place or situation) Free of noise and disturbance. | (of water) with few or no waves on the surface; not rippled.

Short Example Sentence for Calm

  • 1. Let this reflection calm you!
  • 2. My calm companion was among those who did.
  • 3. The flying calm streak had reached them.
  • 4. It wore a calm and happy expression.
  • 5. In the distance the sapphire sea looked like a calm lake.
  • 6. It is the calm before the Conscription storm.
  • 7. He was so calm that she thought he must have been bluffing the crowd.
  • 8. For a moment the calm insouciance of his manner seemed to have departed.
  • 9. Keith's eyes remained calm and cold as steel.
  • 10. His eye gave a flash and then became as calm and cold as usual.
  • 11. The only thing that Wallie could not imagine was a calm acquiescence.
  • 12. The miner investigated me with a calm eye for a while; then said he, "Ah!

How to use Calm in a Sentence?

  • 1. Command of men had given him that calm assurance which is the mark of the captain.
  • 2. I will merely advert to the extraordinary calm that pervaded the audience during the first part.
  • 3. Lucy alone maintained a calm demeanour, and looked towards her father confidently.
  • 4. We gazed at her in wonder as she stood a little apart, her face full of power and calm certainty.
  • 5. A stuffy, sticky calm obtained, broken by big wind-squalls and heavy downpours.
  • 6. He tried to raise her, with grave words to calm her; but she resisted, and clung to him closer.
  • 7. Britannia will continue to rule the waves mainly because she was calm when they surged about her most angrily.
  • 8. He had forgotten the calm and tranquil region that stretched beyond the moil and anguish of the strife for gain.
  • 9. Without setting herself up in haughtiness, she yet overbore all opposition by her serene composure and calm serenity in the result.
  • 10. The stagnant calm continued, and the sand shook under their feet with each buffet of the sea on the outer shore.
  • 11. If our chambers reeked with smoke and the smell of burning wood, they accepted the information with calm indifference because theirs did not.
  • 12. Patrica felt very small indeed before this calm criticism, but she confessed bravely, though with flushing cheeks.
  • 13. Why do you say it is not good for people like us to be happy, when others go to the end of their days in calm security?
  • 14. I tried to look cool and calm and to restrain my pique; but the coolness and calmness of a man in a passion are confounded treacherous.
  • 15. Turning away from the father, his glance met the calm eyes of the baby fixed on him with that gaze which was as old and as pitiless as philosophy.
  • 16. As we neared the coast the sea became enlivened with boats, whose white sails were reflected in the mirror of the calm sea.
  • 17. I suppose if he had broken his own neck, he would have met the unalterable decree of fate with the same stern, calm look.
  • 18. Jacobsen shrugged his shoulders in calm acquiescence to fate, and Griffiths stepped to the companionway and went below.
  • 19. As he scanned the thin, fine face with its expression of calm and its lines of fortitude, he felt that it was a good card to play.
  • 20. The weather was still calm and beautiful; the sky cloudless, and the sea shining in the sunlight, as calm as a lake.
  • 21. He was thinking of a tall girl with calm blue eyes, whom he had walked with the day before, and who had sent him away dazed and half maddened.
  • 22. If there must be calm at all costs, let it be the calm of high-pressure effort, and not the coolness of impotent resignation or casual performance.
  • 23. Equally calm in success or in defeat, Turenne was always ready to prosecute the one, or to repair the other.
  • 24. I was as calm as I am this minute, while the bear was letting out roars of rage and pain that curdled the blood of those who heard them.
  • 25. In another hour, the sultry oppressiveness steadily increasing and the stark calm still continuing, the barometer had fallen to 29.70.
  • 26. For a few moments there was deep silence in the room; then the Maid took her hands from her face, and she was calm and tranquil once again.
  • 27. A grab, a whirl, a splash, and the hurling object disappeared beneath the calm waters just beyond the outer bridge rail.
  • 28. The moon was now shedding her calm light full on the path the poor girl was treading, leaving in dark shadow a high wooded bank on her left hand.