Cancel in a sentence

Definition of Cancel

(transitive) To cross out something with lines etc. | (transitive) To invalidate or annul something. | (transitive) To mark something (such as a used postage stamp) so that it can't be reused.

How to use Cancel in a Sentence?

  • He had come prepared to cancel the little obligation of fifteen years standing.
  • Each post-office is furnished with a cancel stamp, and an ineffaceable ink for this purpose.
  • A deviation from the guaranteed quality, does not give the buyer the right to cancel the contract.
  • He petitioned the Government to cancel the patent, as it had been issued in a mistake.
  • Only to the sovereignty belongs the spiritual power to undo what has been done and to cancel the crime by forgiving and forgetting.
  • Either of the parties might cancel the bond, but only after a formal and public notice of his intentions.
  • It was unfortunately too late to cancel the letter, but nothing would prevent leaving it out if those memoirs should ever be translated.
  • Each party entered on the marriage without any constraint, and each party could cancel the contract and thereby the marriage.
  • The entire interview was intense: it was one crowded hour, of which time is unable to cancel the memory.
  • Lavinia had gone to beg of them to cancel the agreement for the little house, so far as her sister was concerned, and to place it in her name only.
  • In his swelling heart he prayed for the time to come when he could take her in his arms, cancel his promise and defy the troubles that opposed her.
  • To cancel the debts for which such a nation is responsible would be to repudiate the makers of America! ...
  • I saw his lips move at the words I cancel the past,' though he did not speak them out.
  • But when she spoke of being doubtful of their ability to get ready by morning and Edward proposed to cancel his order for berths, she hesitated.
  • The Coddingtons can never cancel their debt to the Jacksons, but at least they shall repay a part of it.
  • You have only to put it plainly to Sir George and offer to cancel his mortgages, and the thing is done.
  • The sum and substance is, you pay me a lump sum and square me for damages to that township or I'll cancel this season's stumpage contract.

Short Example Sentence for Cancel

  • She could not cancel them.
  • To cancel his deserts?
  • Another cancel occurs in vol.
  • This committee has the power to cancel a charter.
  • I shall get the registrar to cancel our certificate.
  • Can you so easily cancel all your Vows?
  • Better cancel that one, Fay.
  • First, let me see if I can cancel myself.
  • No thanks, not a word, or I cancel the transfer.
  • I'll cancel then my gift.
  • Beyond that the company had the right to cancel the contract.
  • We'll cancel that debt.
  • The person who made the promise had always the right to cancel it.
  • She may find somebody else in whose favour to cancel the document.
  • That, of course, will cancel the promise, and you will not see me again.
  • I couldn't cancel the order if I wished.
  • Pack up that film,' he ordered sourly, 'and cancel all our other orders.
  • The Commissioners, therefore, were entitled to cancel the license.
  • Mrs. Bentley begged him to cancel her promise, and allow her to go.
  • But upstarts, to support their station, Cancel at once all obligation.
  • If you've made any arrangements for me on Sunday, you'll have to cancel them.
  • The British Government will cancel first and investigate afterward.
  • I'll cancel no more sales that way, however, as I eentimate to ye once for a'.

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