Capricious in a sentence

Definition of Capricious

Impulsive and unpredictable; determined by chance, impulse, or whim

How to use Capricious in a Sentence?

  • Does it beseem a grown-up man like you to be as disobedient as a capricious child?
  • None better knew how to deal with actors, often capricious and difficult to guide.
  • Or had he simply, capricious and secretive, abandoned his plantation taking the people with him.
  • There is no tyrant so absolute and capricious as a London star at a country theatre.
  • She was, however, a prima donna of the deepest dye, capricious as she was extravagant.
  • The Anglomaniac had played his son a cruel trick; his capricious education had borne its fruit.
  • I was indulged in every whim, and I grew up as selfish and capricious as I was beautiful.
  • It was a capricious case in which the improvement was fluctuating but clearly setting in from the first day.
  • These arguments will not be strong enough to prevail against one of the most powerful and capricious of all habits.
  • She had to pour hot water over her capricious master as he sat in his bath and bear with all his queer tantrums.
  • The rival factions made the names of these charming and capricious women their war-cries not less than those of the composers.
  • He allows the beast to usurp the place of the god because for the moment the beast pleases his capricious royal fancy the most.
  • In the whole course of his professional experience he had never encountered anything on a par with this capricious blend of comedy and tragedy.
  • Was it all a dream, or was this only another freak of capricious fate, which doomed him to eternal misery.
  • Are not the pleasures of a transient, capricious passion widely different from the happiness produced by rational and true love?
  • Though generally regular in their habits and instincts, yet the birds sometimes seem as whimsical and capricious as superior beings.
  • I have since been informed that this name in the Egyptian language signifies the capricious fair one.
  • The capricious network of its upper boughs presented the aspect of a wood crowded with trees, which no gap rendered passable.
  • This is not a capricious fondness, nor yet an arbitrary dictate of feeling; it is a uniform and universal rule of goodness.
  • She is a child, an undisciplined, capricious child, and she is displeased with you, seriously displeased.
  • Oft is it, in this infernal world of ours, that the best concerted schemes are thus suddenly defeated by the envious and capricious fates!
  • But capriciously as Nature had dealt with him, the parent to whom the office of forming his character was intrusted was more capricious still.
  • Mother Earth, moistening the bare brown fields for the plough with a capricious tear or so for the banished winter, was beginning again.
  • She remained remote and wild, suddenly breaking off our talks and displaying, where I was concerned, the most capricious and inexplicable moods.
  • Delay in these capricious cases impairs the ecstasy, and therefore lessens the chance of other similar meals being commanded at the same establishment.
  • Then that mad, capricious creature, Eugenia, meeting him, must make him take her for a drive and spoil it all!
  • His spirit revolted from the capricious tyranny which he was obliged to undergo, but circumstances seem to have coerced him into a protracted endurance of the place.
  • To the fatalist, John Stevens would seem to be one of those unfortunate beings doomed to be made the sport of a capricious fortune.
  • M. Le Grand he was called, and grand enough he seemed, in his independent and capricious dealings with the king.
  • Wyverne was very capricious and uncertain as to the hours of his appearance, except when any sport by flood or field was in prospect: he was never a second behind time then.
  • With more of manner, she would be very charming; but perhaps she is better in the unfettered freedom of her own capricious independence: it certainly suits her to perfection.

Short Example Sentence for Capricious

  • She is a capricious jade.
  • Such is the nature of this capricious sun.
  • I have myself a capricious and leaking memory.
  • Is it a capricious movement of the imagination and heart?
  • Kenny, affronted, was usually more capricious and elusive.
  • The capricious Louis XIV.
  • The mind of the capricious person skips about just like a goat.
  • He attacked the king, who fled before him with his capricious Egyptian.
  • After all," he was reflecting, "Nemesis is a very capricious goddess.

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