Cart in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Cart

1. Never a cart goes rolling by. 🔊

2. Could they not spare a horse and cart to him on hire? 🔊

3. A tin horse and cart caught his eye. 🔊

4. Suddenly he woke with a start: his cart had stopped. 🔊

5. An hour after this a dog cart came round to the door. 🔊

6. But she may have been in the cart with Louise. 🔊

7. The empty gasoline cans were over to the cart by Hiram. 🔊

8. They stopped the cart and bargained for a ride to Ronn. 🔊

9. Her cart is at the kitchen door, she is waiting there at my orders. 🔊

10. Packed cases could be wheeled directly on a level with the cart or lorry. 🔊

11. So lay the cart all broken to fragments, and helpless the people. 🔊

12. At last they got fairly out upon the grass, and the cart went by. 🔊

13. She got into the cart and turned the goat about, ready to leave the place. 🔊

How to use Cart in Sentences?

1. Between the fierce jolts of the great cart he managed to convey his fears to her. 🔊

2. The cart has no seats, but the occupants provide themselves with carpets and cushions. 🔊

3. Behind her are a man and two women in conversation; an ass drawing a cart is passing. 🔊

4. Or rather, the goat took them, for he pulled them in the cart along the forest path. 🔊

5. So I paid a chap to teach me the trade, and set myself up with my cart and all complete. 🔊

6. She wheeled a small cart into the room, laden with a variety of foods for Boyce to dine on. 🔊

7. They then left the horse at an inn stable, and gave what directions they could about the cart and its contents. 🔊

8. Joey, impressed by the magnitude of the order, got down from his perch in the cart and helped to serve the guests. 🔊