Chain in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Chain

1. For he worked without chain or harness. 🔊

2. Propeller chain driven: 1-3/4 to 1 gearing. 🔊

3. Mr. Albright, get that chain aboard pronto. 🔊

4. A golden chain no more thou'lt wear! 🔊

5. They looked especially in history for the chain of causes and effects. 🔊

6. He took his compass and surveyor's chain with him. 🔊

7. It is but one link in the chain of many providences affecting his life. 🔊

8. A big iron kettle was hung over it by means of a chain and pole. 🔊

9. A globe was engraved inside the lid, and the chain was of steel. 🔊

10. But even a convict who drags an iron ball by a chain must perform his task. 🔊

11. Here, then, the iron chain terminates, and freedom commences. 🔊

How to use Chain in Sentences?

1. Down goes the chain into the locker without their foreman looking at the shackles at all. 🔊

2. This mountain chain includes types representing every period of volcanic agency. 🔊

3. Above this chain lay the rebel fleet of sixteen gunboats and two iron-clad rams. 🔊

4. We saw no appearance of trout in this lake, or in the outlet of it above the upper chain of ponds. 🔊

5. They fasten a chain to the abalone, and it swims out and attaches itself to the under side of a shark. 🔊

6. Then he congratulated him on the fact that circumstances had broken the chain from which he would never otherwise have freed himself. 🔊

7. If he is anxious to try to repair the endless chain he has only to cut out the pieces at the back of the book. 🔊