Cheap in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Cheap

1. Girls are very cheap nowadays! 🔊

2. Horses are very good and cheap here. 🔊

3. Twas cheap at the price. 🔊

4. It would be cheap at fifty thousand. 🔊

5. Nothing is so reasonable and cheap as good manners. 🔊

6. Both yaks and donkeys were very cheap forms of transport. 🔊

7. He ate his meals at a cheap eating house. 🔊

8. The office rent was cheap, but it was not cheap enough. 🔊

9. I opened the cheap pine bureau to stow away my things. 🔊

10. The Art of experimenting with Cheap and Simple Instruments. 🔊

11. The walls were decorated with paper flowers and cheap lithographs. 🔊

12. The air was pungent with the odor of cheap tobacco and cheaper cigars. 🔊

13. Warner's man was a farmer in a cheap and humble way. 🔊

14. He bought and sold, and did his very best to buy cheap and to sell dear. 🔊

15. Why, such a comfortable hiding-place would have been cheap at half-a-crown. 🔊

16. Suppose that you are a Cheap Jack selling things from a van. 🔊

17. Now it'll cost you two thousand, an' I'm lettin' you off cheap at that. 🔊

How to use Cheap in Sentences?

1. Now she felt that it looked cheap and flimsy because she had sacrificed material to colour. 🔊

2. The cheap undershirt and white loin-cloth did not serve to hide the well put up body. 🔊

3. Connie was neat in a pretty little dress, cheap but becoming, and her shoes were mates. 🔊

4. In my boyhood it was a cheap boarding-house, for actors and people of that sort, I believe. 🔊

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