Cheerful in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Cheerful

1. He got up with alacrity, cheerful immediately. 🔊

2. Indeed it is the only one that does not wear a cheerful and pleasant aspect. 🔊

3. She was in no mood just then for the cheerful vulgarities of her step-mother. 🔊

4. We had, after all, a tolerably cheerful evening in the kitchen. 🔊

5. It would give her one more cheerful evening, the last, perhaps, in her life. 🔊

6. We shall miss your cheerful view of life, my dear Kellinghausen. 🔊

7. With cheerful and contented mind, Where heaven hath cast my lot. 🔊

8. A cheerful fire was sparkling in the chimney of the ladies' cabinet. 🔊

9. His temper passed off arter a time, and 'e began to look cheerful agin. 🔊

How to use Cheerful in Sentences?

1. But no matter how deep the gash, she was as cheerful as if it were an accomplishment. 🔊

2. I watched her with the greatest anxiety composing her face into a cheerful expression. 🔊

3. Even the dead on their last journey look almost cheerful under the sunny skies. 🔊

4. Nor did the cheerful air of the prince as he entered his presence tend to help matters. 🔊

5. Mitchell, pacing the floor, paused in his dictation to give him a cheerful greeting. 🔊

6. Time had been powerless against that fortress of prejudice; against that cheerful and inaccessible prison of the tribal instinct. 🔊

7. It contains perhaps six hundred acres, and the scenery around it is exceedingly cheerful and pleasant. 🔊

8. A bright fire saluted us here with its cheerful rays; how delightful to be once more sheltered by thick walls! 🔊

9. The prospect of pressure put on him, with all the added accumulation of the months of interest, was not a cheerful one. 🔊

10. And the head disappeared; and shortly afterwards there came from across the passage muffled but cheerful sounds of splashing. 🔊

11. Every one passed the day according to his pleasure or occupation; and we all assembled in a cheerful dinner party at sunset. 🔊

12. I have always come out of them with renewed health and strength, a perfect digestion, and a buoyant and cheerful spirit. 🔊

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