Church in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Church

1. Describe the church which you attend. 🔊

2. She asked if I kept it on from church home, too. 🔊

3. The English Church never could submit. 🔊

4. A parson of the Church of England is his chief assistant. 🔊

5. The Church of St. Severo is full of fine modern statues. 🔊

6. I didn't have to go to church to get a text. 🔊

7. In the year 1786 there was sent to the church a large and melodious bell. 🔊

8. The little old lady had no longer a flower to take to church with her. 🔊

9. Close by it was the venerable church with a tall Gothic spire. 🔊

10. It was the old custom of this church so to conclude Evening Prayer. 🔊

11. We were standing in the old English church at Clevedon on a summer afternoon. 🔊

How to use Church in Sentences?

1. He seemed to be in a little church of his own that was full of the perfume of incense. 🔊

2. He was himself a robust rationalist, but he went to church to set his tenants an example. 🔊

3. Were these words the ramblings of one who had been used to officiate as a Church minister? 🔊

4. Indeed, you would have thought the church had been consecrated to him instead of to the Deity. 🔊

5. I would write nothing but symphonies for a full orchestra, and church music, or at most quartets. 🔊

6. It's only the Confession;' and we swept up the little church into a huge square pew. 🔊

7. Square is so called, because it lies before the Church dedicated to the Saint of that Name. 🔊

8. England never did submit to Rome, not even as France did, though the Gallic Church held out well. 🔊

9. The lindens near the fountain began to blossom, and in the garden of the church the oak-leaves clustered. 🔊