Clasp In A Sentence

Definition of Clasp

(transitive) To take hold of; to grasp; to grab tightly. | To shut or fasten together with, or as if with, a clasp. | A fastener or holder, particularly one that clasps.

How To Use Clasp In A Sentence?

  • Not since that impulsive clasp of reunion in the palace had he touched her in caress.
  • Pearl looked down at her necklace and saw that the lovely clasp was changed to coarse glass.
  • They could only clasp hands, their eyes looking what their tongues refused to say.
  • And going near the light, she took off a bracelet of hair, with a magnificent clasp of pearls.
  • But she, sheltered in the warm clasp of loving arms, found her life like a joyous dream.
  • She was so little, so helpless, so trembling in his clasp ... so made for love and tenderness....
  • As he entered, Rite sprang up, half-overturning her chair, and ran to clasp his hand.
  • Her fingers still tingled with the warm clasp of the strong hands that had helped her over the wall.
  • What difference does it make that your arms are strong and white if they can't clasp him?
  • Very firmly he put his hand upon her hand, withdrew it from its clasp about him, and raised it to his lips.
  • With every word urging me to get away, her clasp tightened, she hugged my head closer to her breast.
  • She returned his clasp and kiss with her frank, sweet fervour, though he saw in her eyes a slight bewilderment.
  • Rhoda drew her hands from the young Indian's clasp and walked to the edge of the camp.
  • Hold the right rein close to where it passes through the eye, it will clasp the lower jaw like a slip-knot and give you great power.
  • She found herself longing to reach out and take hold of one of those big, strong hands, and clasp it tightly and protectingly in her own.
  • Longing to clasp him in a father's arms, And seal his pardon with a pitying tear!
  • Then from his own remotest corner he reached out casually and rallied her limp, cold hand into the firm, warm clasp of his vibrant fingers.
  • Nearing the extreme end of the pond, the boat gently headed around, and silently we glided back into the clasp of that strange orbit.
  • And now that we clasp hands again, my dear friend, let me say one word as to the 'argument' of my last poems.
  • Then there shall clasp thee an angel's hand And gently lead to thy promised land.
  • So, before my death, I wanted to again clasp the hand of my last friend, and thank him for all the love and fidelity he has shown me.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Clasp | Clasp Sentence

  • I am not worthy to clasp your purity and loveliness.
  • Her wrist was caught in a clasp of iron.
  • He saw her clasp her hands convulsively.
  • Some clasp to their sorrow-wracked bosoms!
  • It had slipped somehow from the clasp that held it.
  • He felt for a fleeting moment the warm clasp of her hand.
  • Then I will clasp his knees.
  • I tightened my clasp convulsively about Fidele.
  • Fifth day, fingers clasp firmly; toes do not.
  • He felt her trembling in his clasp and he swept her close to him.
  • His firm clasp steadied her more than any words could have done.
  • He opened and closed his clasp knife and was silent for several minutes.
  • Did they clasp thee in their arms and press their kisses on thy brow?
  • She would have given much to clasp both nephew and niece in her arms.
  • We know their thoughts, we hear their words, we clasp their hands.
  • And now I ask, will you not permit me to clasp hands with you for life?
  • How happy I would be, mademoiselle, if I could clasp you in my embrace.
  • When in my arms, wi' a' thy charms, I clasp my countless treasure, O!
  • Rhoda's slim fingers clasp her pearl locket, which has come out again.

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