Cleanliness in a sentence

Definition of Cleanliness

The property of being cleanly, or habitually clean; good hygiene.

How to use Cleanliness in a Sentence?

  • It was the cleanliness of the building and the kindness of their hearts that appealed to us.
  • So far as cleanliness was concerned, the steward was a gentleman, which no unclean person can be.
  • The French surgical hospitals all along the front are marvels of cleanliness and order.
  • Importance of Cleanliness not realized, without a Knowledge of the Nature of the Skin.
  • Conditions favourable to the incidence and development of these are to be found when absolute cleanliness in all details is not aimed at.
  • It is a little remarkable that the proprietors of slaves do not more generally enforce cleanliness among them.
  • Thorough cleanliness had become an impossibility to them: they were now terribly emaciated and covered by vermin.
  • The extraordinary neatness and cleanliness which could be seen everywhere about the little homestead did not escape his observation.
  • In the effort to raise the standards of cleanliness and sanitation the visiting housekeepers meet with great difficulty.
  • The work that the housewife must do in the care of the house is the maintenance of such standards of cleanliness and order as are to prevail.
  • To advance upon your enemy singing about his lack of cleanliness and method went out of fashion altogether!
  • The best preventive is cleanliness and the constant wearing of shoes or slippers when in the house, and of boots when out of doors.
  • The table was spread for tea; all the tea equipage bright and glistening as cleanliness could make it.
  • I have now only to add, that during the whole of the various operations, they exhibited a cleanliness well worthy of imitation.
  • Above all measures, keep the functions of the skin in prime condition; cleanliness is antagonistic to sleeplessness.
  • I am aware that it would in most cases be difficult to enforce cleanliness among them, as they seem to be constitutionally a filthy race.
  • This is the more to be regretted, as cleanliness conduces not only to the health and comfort of the body, but also to the purity of the mind.
  • The instinct of cleanliness no doubt prompts the action in all cases, though the disposition to secrecy or concealment may not be unmixed with it.
  • The sun has more to do with the different color tones than has anything else, after which habits of personal cleanliness play a very large role.
  • The painful cleanliness of the white-washed cottages makes a pleasant contrast to the homes of the Walloons.
  • The stillness and cleanliness about the convent, as we passed through the cloisters and halls, rendered the impression upon a stranger delightful.
  • The fresh flowers and the cleanliness of the statue, on which no dust or moss could be seen, indicated a careful keeper.
  • The physiological teachings of the prophet concerning work, cleanliness and sleep, might also be considered with profit.
  • I have not yet come across the cleanliness in any race of people to be compared with that cleanliness which in England is next to godliness.
  • That kind of discouraged the Tommies swimming, so they cooked the fish and decided that safety comes before cleanliness out here.
  • Lack of cleanliness or lack of morals, when brought home to them, could hardly sting any scion of that branch of the Ramseys.
  • One is struck, on entering Teheran, with the apparent cleanliness of the place as compared with other Oriental towns.
  • In the cabins the women were washing and fixing garments for Sunday, that they might honor the Lord in cleanliness and decency.
  • Contributory factors in the store are: (1) Lack of cleanliness of utensils, particularly of coagulating dishes or tanks.
  • The Jew, however he fell short in other respects, set himself a certain standard in cleanliness of life, and would not fall below it.
  • How great a difference careful cleanliness of this sort can make in milk is shown by the difference in the number of bacteria that the two kinds of milk contain.
  • He has seen the one-roomed cabins change to comfortable cottages, in which cleanliness and order have supplanted the prolific causes of disease and death.

Short Example Sentence for Cleanliness

  • Temperance and cleanliness go hand in hand.
  • These children have never known cleanliness or decency.
  • What is the effect of want of cleanliness upon the blood?
  • Now see what a difference a little cleanliness will make!
  • Of splendour there is none anywhere, and of cleanliness there are few traces.
  • On all sides cleanliness and order which makes the heart beat gladly.
  • Her look of almost inhuman cleanliness added force to the simile.
  • Personal cleanliness is not a marked characteristic of South American cowboys.

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