Clock in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Clock

1. The clock attracted him again. 🔊

2. The clock began to chime. 🔊

3. So he had slept the clock round! 🔊

4. The hands of the clock point to nine. 🔊

5. The clock was pointing at a quarter to five. 🔊

6. Somewhere in the town a clock struck ten. 🔊

7. It was just such an old clock as ghosts are fond of. 🔊

8. I despise a clock that looks worried. 🔊

9. Joe looked at the clock through the windows of the bar. 🔊

10. At last the clock struck the dinner-hour. 🔊

11. His eye rested on the clock over the long mirror. 🔊

12. The kitchen clock is more convenient than sidereal time. 🔊

13. The electric clock was purring soberly around the dial. 🔊

14. The clock on the post-office tower showed six! 🔊

15. The round clock behind the bar ticked loudly, ominously. 🔊

16. Wondering irresolutely what to do next, the clock struck twelve. 🔊

17. He had acquired a clock in the morning; why not another in the afternoon? 🔊

18. Ada watched the clock anxiously, fearing she would be baulked. 🔊

How to use Clock in Sentences?

1. And his fancy wandered off in meditation of what he would do with a clock of his own. 🔊

2. Of what such a clock cost he had no notion, though he felt it must be some inconceivable sum. 🔊

3. The clock was indeed an exchange, though not altogether an innocent one: the facts being these. 🔊