Comforting in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Comforting

1. All at once he had a comforting thought. 🔊

2. He was gone with those comforting words. 🔊

3. I could think of no comforting words. 🔊

4. Haven't you something comforting to say? 🔊

5. It's as comforting as an insurance policy. 🔊

6. There was loud cheering and my words seemed to have a comforting effect. 🔊

7. He spent his time in nursing the sick and in comforting the sorrowing. 🔊

8. Oh, it is very comforting to have a playmate who can say curly things. 🔊

9. Heaven was born anew to us, with comforting omens and cheery promise. 🔊

10. His mind, automatically, kept repeating this comforting formula. 🔊

11. It made matters no more comforting to have Miriam packed from the room. 🔊

12. Beatrice, the comforting her is the dearest and saddest task I leave you. 🔊

13. And the words on his lips are a comforting sound, The words of my bunkie. 🔊

14. Molly's was rather comforting to her troubled and unquiet heart. 🔊

How to use Comforting in Sentences?

1. Your dear little letter was truly welcome with its kind and comforting messages. 🔊

2. This flattery was comforting to her wounded pride, and she found his words pleasant to her. 🔊

3. I felt plumb out of patience with her, for usually she can say the most comforting things. 🔊

4. Give my love to your dear invalid, who must be comforting you so much with her improvement. 🔊

5. At the same time I made another discovery as comforting as this was disquieting. 🔊

6. So for the next few moments, Polly had all she could do by way of comforting and consoling him. 🔊

7. Reuben broke the contact; Ben had found it vaguely comforting as well as disturbing. 🔊

8. His method of comforting her and easing her through the first stage of black despair was unorthodox, but it was effective. 🔊

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