Commitment in a sentence

Definition of Commitment

The act or an instance of committing, putting in charge, keeping, or trust, especially: | Promise or agreement to do something in the future, especially: | Being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action or to another person or persons.

How to use Commitment in a Sentence?

  • The petition was received, its commitment refused by the house, and it was laid on the table.
  • It is ordinarily essential to a valid commitment that it should contain a specific statement of the particular cause of the detention ordered.
  • In the case of superior courts no statutory forms of commitment exist, and the same formalities are not so strictly enforced.
  • As stated on both websites, "Remember that there is no commitment expected on this site.
  • The clerk, after offering to make out the warrant of commitment before setting out, at last, and with great reluctance, rode away.
  • As soon as the warden receives the commitment he assumes control of the prisoner, and retains it until his term of service expires, or is liberated by pardon or some court decree.
  • If not always, at any rate since 1679, a warrant of commitment has been necessary to justify officers of the law in conveying a prisoner to gaol and a gaoler in receiving and detaining him there.

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