Compassion in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Compassion

1. Providence had compassion upon my rheumatism. 🔊

2. He felt a profound and tender compassion for the widow. 🔊

3. Single instances of his compassion I have mentioned. 🔊

4. A look of compassion overspread over the thegn's face. 🔊

5. Franz Lippheim looked down at her with an infinite compassion and gentleness. 🔊

6. Roseen's face betokened extreme compassion for the Spider. 🔊

7. May God have compassion on me, for I look upon myself to be as good as lost! 🔊

8. I am sorry that I had a moment's compassion and made the attempt. 🔊

How to use Compassion in Sentences?

1. Deep compassion at the sight of his suffering fellow-men put strong language on his lips. 🔊

2. Hoolagoo took compassion on himself, and spoke kindly to him, and treated him as his guest. 🔊

3. Alfred gazed in compassion on the noble countenance and broad forehead of the Dane before him. 🔊

4. But there was too much of compassion in that letter, and Val was sick of his compassion. 🔊

5. I was deeply interested in that poor woman, I felt a profound compassion for her. 🔊

6. Doth not remembrance of a common doom, To soft compassion melt the hardest heart? 🔊

7. Mrs. Hewett died just before daybreak without a pang, as though death had compassion on her. 🔊

8. An enemy would I say thou wert, but that thou hast looked with compassion upon mine afflicted one. 🔊

9. When he saw the multitude he had compassion on them because they were distressed and scattered as sheep that have no shepherd. 🔊

10. The strange look of compassion flitted across the face of his hostess which he had observed there before. 🔊

11. I know only too well the difference between true love and that regretful compassion her kind heart indulges. 🔊

12. Sir, who is this cruel and implacable shepherd, who is moved with no compassion towards these sheep? 🔊

13. But the impelling motive of the new religion was compassion, and genuine compassion is not to be restrained in artificial limits. 🔊

14. Shunning abstract discussions, they eagerly hang on every word of compassion and kindness, and respond with the same. 🔊

15. She looked into his face, and saw how worn and gray he was about his eyes; and a sudden compassion came upon her. 🔊