Compassionate in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Compassionate

1. Malespini gave him a compassionate glance. 🔊

2. Or kind indulgence or compassionate thought. 🔊

3. I could appear only compassionate and gratified. 🔊

4. Who compels him to do more than cast a compassionate glance at it? 🔊

5. In the compassionate tone he read a hint that all was not lost. 🔊

6. Is human love more pitiful and compassionate than divine love? 🔊

7. More compassionate to one of my own sex, or to any one in misfortune. 🔊

8. The compassionate nurse withdrew, closing the door noiselessly. 🔊

9. Always then she followed, gentle, compassionate and shyly tender. 🔊

10. It so fitted Him for His work as the Compassionate High Priest. 🔊

How to use Compassionate in Sentences?

1. The kindly old doctor who had brought her into the world looked at her with compassionate eyes. 🔊

2. The compassionate lady promised to be a mother to the little sufferers, and to protect them. 🔊

3. He ran to him, stopped him, and spoke to him with a tender and compassionate air. 🔊

4. How else could my husband, who was ever of a compassionate disposition, have acted so unfeelingly? 🔊

5. Indifferent to the powerful, but kind and compassionate to the poor and oppressed, Mme. 🔊

6. She threw a compassionate glance at Rowan, and he felt the sweat break out upon his forehead. 🔊

7. They must not get at her, those compassionate thoughts, not Charlotte's, certainly not Raven's. 🔊

8. As if struck by the helplessness of the settlers, a compassionate chief extended aid to them in 1608. 🔊

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