Competent in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Competent

1. They are all very high-class and competent girls. 🔊

2. The operations were in the hands of competent men. 🔊

3. She had been always grown-up and competent and helpful. 🔊

4. My wife is as competent to vote as I. 🔊

5. I say it myself lest other competent persons should forget to do it. 🔊

6. If a candidate is competent upon appointment she is sent out at once. 🔊

7. The northern soldiers had been carefully selected by competent surgeons. 🔊

8. When she is honest she is a fool; when she is competent she is a knave. 🔊

9. Prosecution closed by offering to prove all charges by competent testimony. 🔊

10. He thus raises a question that I am not competent to discuss. 🔊

11. Unfortunately, I had no teacher who was competent to understand and direct me. 🔊

How to use Competent in Sentences?

1. What if he abstained from any interference with one so competent to guide himself? 🔊

2. Are these not the very cases which interested nations are least competent to decide? 🔊

3. The luck that watches over the competent took her back unmolested by the enemy. 🔊

4. The former is the imperial worship; the emperor alone is competent to attend to it. 🔊

5. Several competent judges are of opinion that this ballad is contemporary with the events which it relates. 🔊

6. Sometimes he was chosen by the tribe as the strongest and bravest man and most competent to lead them against their enemies. 🔊

7. And if mankind is not competent to judge for itself, why do they talk so much about universal suffrage? 🔊

8. That the emperor was not a competent judge on this occasion, because he was resolved to abolish the images. 🔊

9. Everything else he had heard during the past twenty-four hours he had felt himself more or less competent to meet. 🔊

10. And if all the wealth in the planet should perish by war or deluge, they know themselves competent to replace it. 🔊

11. His mother caught me there a moment later and snatched me out of the house and gave me a most competent scolding and drove me away. 🔊

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