Conceding in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Conceding

1. But was I not conceding too much? 🔊

2. The hall was packed by a crowd that was opposed to conceding anything. 🔊

How to use Conceding in Sentences?

1. But conceding the quality of the everyday service there were famous dinners that have stood out in the annals of the house. 🔊

2. The champions of the church fought skepticism with skepticism, conceding in substance the points they superficially attacked. 🔊

3. But they had at last come to an agreement, though, even so, each felt that he was conceding far too much to the other. 🔊

4. Only last week he overwhelmed his mother, herself a scratch player, when conceding her four men and the liberty to cheat twice. 🔊

5. He answered his own question by conceding that the carrying timbre of a voice cannot compete successfully against even banquet hall festivities unless properly focused out of a normal speaking tone. 🔊