Concentration in a sentence

Definition of Concentration

The act, process or ability of concentrating; the process of becoming concentrated, or the state of being concentrated. | A field or course of study on which one focuses, especially as a student in a college or university. | The proportion of a substance in a whole.

Short Example Sentence for Concentration

  • 1. The practice of concentration will cure that.
  • 2. It also lacks concentration and artistic finality.
  • 3. Surely your concentration is proof against the legs that swing around you.
  • 4. Baldassare hot and flushed with a concentration of rage he dared not express.
  • 5. With terrible concentration Dalton shifted his fingers and blew and blew....
  • 6. The concentration in Alicia's eyes returned again with vacillating wings.
  • 7. Channing cried so bitterly: "War is the concentration of all human crimes.

How to use Concentration in a Sentence?

  • 1. Aurora was so glad that she had not the concentration or the decency to attempt to hide it.
  • 2. Nothing so much marks their manners as the concentration on their household ties.
  • 3. Let us now consider some of the implications of this concentration on rendering service.
  • 4. The high concentration of the milk of the reindeer and the whale is noteworthy.
  • 5. Her power of concentration made it possible for her to write under harassing conditions.
  • 6. Her expression suggested concentration upon something entirely remote from her surroundings.
  • 7. His head rang from the concentration of blood in his temples, but he still worked on.
  • 8. The concentration itself is neither good nor evil, but a power that can be used in either way.
  • 9. You have no great concentration of soldiers here, no docks, no fortifications, no industry.
  • 10. A perpetual and perfect concentration of attributes is essential to our notion of one God.
  • 11. He laughed at her light-headedly while with serious concentration she counted the beats in his wrist.
  • 12. We have seen that the boiling point of a solution of a substance is raised in proportion to the concentration of the dissolved substance.
  • 13. This is a point of concentration for park visitors where nearly everybody spends at least one night.
  • 14. Shelley's life, on the other hand, is largely a concentration of abnormal incidents.
  • 15. Moreover it took his whole power of will and concentration to keep her head from playing off and becoming the forerunner of sure disaster.
  • 16. The more regularly concentration is practised, the more firmly will the imagination grasp the effects of it, both direct and indirect.
  • 17. There was a certain power of concentration in Joan that made failure unlikely in whatever she undertook.
  • 18. There is a gentle earnestness, a mild yet positive concentration of purpose about it, that enlists our sympathies from the start.
  • 19. They had all noticed a sudden concentration of monastic police, walking the streets and securing certain important streets and buildings.
  • 20. A roar like the concentration of half a dozen thunder peals tore the air, followed by the rumbling of falling masonry.
  • 21. No grovelling and no soaring was here, but an elation almost stern, a brooding concentration almost maternal, a dedicated power.
  • 22. Bringing his best concentration to the all-important details, Ken started to build the road to the world above.
  • 23. Rapid concentration of forces, naval and military, and prompt movements, are among the greatest elements of success in war.
  • 24. The order for the general concentration of British males between the ages of 17 and 55, which went into effect on the 6th inst.
  • 25. British ships were already cruising near the Horn, possibly unaware that a concentration of the Germans had been effected.
  • 26. Though the principle on which the operation of the concentration of the radium rests is admirable in its simplicity, its application is nevertheless very laborious.
  • 27. Numbers of civilian prisoners have been suffering since the beginning of the war from the depressing conditions of the concentration camps....
  • 28. Past experience gives no reason to expect the constant interest on the part of citizens which is necessary to make so great concentration of power safe.
  • 29. In a word, the handicap we now labour under will be shifted to the enemy; we will have adopted the essential principal of concentration while the enemy will lose it.
  • 30. These results we see in the accelerated concentration of immense wealth running side by side with a propertyless, expropriated and exploited multitude.
  • 31. The fact that the internal energy generally becomes independent of the concentration when the dilution reaches even a moderately high value is rather in favour of the hypothesis of fusion.
  • 32. The aridity probably induced local concentration into boreal montane islands, thus possibly displacing the populations of the two species that were in contact.
  • 33. They agreed, unconsciously, in a mute love for the muddy field through which they tramped, with eyes narrowed close by the concentration of their minds.