Confidence in a sentence

Definition of Confidence

Self-assurance. | A feeling of certainty; firm trust or belief; faith. | Information held in secret.

Short Example Sentence for Confidence

  • 1. I have to win her confidence afresh each time.
  • 2. I then told her in strict confidence about Laura.
  • 3. He imparted his Design in Confidence to M.
  • 4. I felt a confidence in it from the very place where it was formed.
  • 5. Gray's confidence in himself had altogether gone.
  • 6. He had my confidence; such confidence as confederates in knavery can bestow.
  • 7. This in confidence was what I whispered to my gastric juices.
  • 8. As his confidence in the young man grew, the squire let Keith into a secret.
  • 9. Thus must I now the confidence atone Thyself didst wring from me!
  • 10. Abruptly one's confidence in the solidity of the universe disappears.

How to use Confidence in a Sentence?

  • 1. The writer was not unused to being taken into the confidence of troubled people.
  • 2. His confidence in his own powers was the just result of self-knowledge and self-respect.
  • 3. When the repairs were finished we would set the alarm again and reestablish our confidence in it.
  • 4. He unexpectedly gave Keith evidence of the highest confidence he could have in any man.
  • 5. May I not say with confidence that not-being has an assured existence, and a nature of its own?
  • 6. We had confidence in Darwin, and after that day Susy was relieved of our reformatory persecutions.
  • 7. They were willing to acquit Mr. Keith of blame, they said, and to show their confidence in him.
  • 8. And at last now that she was his wife he took her into his confidence about his life and profession.
  • 9. Discouraging as was the outlook for us personally, we had confidence in the government and in the justice of our cause.
  • 10. For the most part people went about their business with an entirely irresponsible confidence in the stability of the universe.
  • 11. The more complicated and technical affairs become, the less confidence will the elected official have in himself.
  • 12. Whatever regrets came in the darkness, the daylight brought an obstinate confidence in our resolution again.
  • 13. He had a very sincere friendship and liking for his companion, a thorough confidence in his judgment and principles.
  • 14. In answer to his confidence in the harmlessness of our intentions, we rowed away back to the island where we started him.
  • 15. Animals bounded across his path, with a freedom and a confidence which seemed to tell him there was no blood shed here.
  • 16. The army to a man sprang forward in her wake with that rush, with that power of confidence against which nothing can stand.
  • 17. He had unbounded confidence in her judgment, and under her influence, eventually modified many of his peculiar habits.
  • 18. Her noble head was many inches out of water; the conviction gave her superb confidence when she had to pass an opinion on her neighbour.
  • 19. She inspired us with a courage, a power, and a confidence in her and in our cause, which nothing could shake or daunt.
  • 20. Their confidence on all subjects was even more unreserved than commonly prevails between father and son, and their esteem for each other higher....
  • 21. But I was too happy to find that she gave me her confidence so far, not to forget myself and my petty vanity.
  • 22. Of course, now, I am assured that he is the victim of his noble confidence in the rectitude of his kind.
  • 23. The Governor took the bird from her, and examined it under the light with the manner of brisk confidence which directed his slightest action.
  • 24. The place was the hall of the Castle, and the Governor with a few of those most in his confidence stood by to see what would follow.
  • 25. They had infinite confidence in the Maid as a leader against stone walls, for had they not seen her take tower after tower, city after city?
  • 26. My mother was rather puzzled about the whole matter, but she declared her confidence in me, and I was contented, as she ever contents me.
  • 27. From thee I hop'd that confidence to gain Which every faithful host may justly claim.
  • 28. My doubts as to the capital's temper toward war were resolved, my cherished confidence in the average German's fundamental love of peace shattered.
  • 29. When she was with him her confidence was the natural response of her own unbiassed perceptions; when she left him she passed immediately into an atmosphere that was charged with the suspicions of other people.
  • 30. We must both possess the entire love and confidence of our consorts, so as to be able to intervene energetically and decisively should they come to blows.