Considerate in a sentence

Definition of Considerate

consciously thoughtful and observant (often of other people); caring | characterised by careful and conscious thought; deliberate | (rare) Synonym of consider

How to use Considerate in a Sentence?

  • No considerate statesman would undertake to meddle with it upon any other condition.
  • He received what she said with suitably impressed eyebrow and nods of considerate assent.
  • This considerate action on the part of my uncle seemed to fill up the measure of my surprises.
  • It has the national courage, not rash and petulant, but considerate and determined.
  • Such is the benign effect upon all the considerate portions of society in England.
  • He was flattered by the attentive and considerate manner of the greatest man in Europe.
  • She was as cordial as ever, as gently considerate as ever, but she seemed to lose vivacity.
  • Marian insists on leaving when I do, and the Stevenses are equally considerate of my pleasure.
  • Her friends thought she had been very kind and considerate to stay with her father and her brothers and sisters so long.
  • I am sure, both because you like him personally, and because he has been most kind and considerate to me.
  • I dread to think of the complications there might be were the double not so considerate as to carry a black bag and wear knee-breeches.
  • But in boyhood it was not always clear whether humanity or the craving for knowledge made him so considerate of the plodding team in the field.
  • Away with this hurrah of masses, and let us have the considerate vote of single men spoken on their honor and their conscience.
  • He bore it, and all the inconveniences, like a hero, and not one child forgot to be considerate and helpful.
  • W., though a very considerate man for his servants generally, never worried at all about keeping his coachmen and horses waiting.
  • The American women are considerate enough to try and do their best for us, and we appreciate the compliment.
  • An application to the bell was the considerate result; and the footsteps of as tight a lad as ever put pipe-clay to belt sounded along the gallery.
  • Such views, presented in a kind and considerate manner, will often entirely change the views of a domestic, who is sensitive on such subjects.
  • Personally, I am much grieved, for no kinder or more considerate or more gentlemanly man ever lived.
  • But Margery, under whose faultlessly-fitting jacket beat the tenderest and most considerate of hearts, was moved.
  • It would be easy to magnify what Stephen did in that interruption of the considerate hearing he was giving to Amiruddin.
  • As we have touched on this point, I must thank you for your most considerate letter, which in any event will be of great use to me.
  • Etty was considerate and left a record of his "peace and happiness" in our chambers, but I have no proof that he appreciated their beauty.
  • He was a very kindly and considerate Sunday-school teacher, and patient and compassionate, so he was the favorite teacher with us little chaps.
  • At all events, it is easy to see how kind and considerate was the selection of St. John for this office.

Short Example Sentence for Considerate

  • How considerate that is!
  • I find anyone so considerate as you are.
  • A considerate curate, in sooth!
  • This I thought was very unselfish and considerate of him.
  • Our Considerate Scribes.
  • Raven was very considerate of her, left stranded there with him.
  • Royal, even the most cultivated and considerate of editors will be an editor.
  • But so the man was, gentle always and considerate of everybody but himself.
  • Queste mie idee saranno considerate quali sogni fantastici di catacombe?
  • Yes; one should always be considerate to one's parents.
  • I have seldom seen, outside of baseball circles, so considerate a manner.
  • Isn't it sweet and considerate of her?' 'Awfully.
  • He's so gentle and considerate ... acts, but doesn't say much, you know!
  • This very considerate act of Jane's saved all further trouble. 74.

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