Consults in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Consults

1. The plan suggested consults both purposes. 🔊

2. As to the marchesa, do you think she consults Enrica? 🔊

3. He consults Cayley, the invaluable, inevitable Cayley. 🔊

4. He consults a physician, who hands him an opiate so that he can sleep. 🔊

5. The incredulous man reasons, consults experience, and prefers it to prejudice. 🔊

How to use Consults in Sentences?

1. This consults only the laws which preside over the literary expression given to human thoughts. 🔊

2. A patient clearly staggering to and fro on the border line of sanity consults you. 🔊

3. Is it money that is making you prouder, or the fact that your commander-in-chief consults you? 🔊

4. She consults her complexion, height, figure and carriage, in color, make and trimming. 🔊

5. These English merchants, garrisons, consults and others are strangers in a strange land. 🔊

6. It appears evident that every man who consults his understanding should be more reasonable than one who only consults his imagination. 🔊

7. At the age of twelve an Oriental age for marriage he consults with his guardian concerning the choice of a wife. 🔊

8. Every man in this polished country consults only his convenience, as much as a solitary pioneer in Wisconsin. 🔊

9. When in the field, the king consults only his superior officers, but three citizens of the mother must be present, without any voice. 🔊

10. A man feels sick, consults a physician, lies by; is more comfortable, takes a fancy to a bath and a draught of wine. 🔊

11. He consults and peruses the original records of the times he is describing, and out of the general deductions thus instinctively drawn his conception is formed. 🔊

12. If he consults his friends and neighbors across the way, doubtless their opinions differ so materially from his own that the result is worse than if he had solved the questions in his own way. 🔊