Consume in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Consume

1. Suppose that a fire should suddenly consume the tree. 🔊

2. His stores must rot, for he cannot consume them. 🔊

3. Oh, let the fire consume all that is unholy in me! 🔊

4. I'm supposed to consume in that time. 🔊

5. If it goes across the centre of the sun it may consume eight hours. 🔊

6. He sat up and began to consume his soup, scarce doing it justice. 🔊

7. Justice called on Holy Fire to come down and consume the sacrifice. 🔊

8. Salt is eaten with sib-fan' by those pueblos which commonly consume salt. 🔊

9. If a pig is used the old men of the priest's ato consume it with him. 🔊

How to use Consume in Sentences?

1. Once the coffee and doughnuts had been set before him, the man was in no haste to consume them. 🔊

2. He found that unless it was checked, the insatiate public would consume all his time. 🔊

3. The ice doth consume by the shore side, and cracks all over the bay with a fearful noise. 🔊

4. Every one would consume his proportion, and the human race would never advance a step. 🔊

5. In me the fire must consume and destroy; only as judgment does its work, can mercy fully save. 🔊

6. When at last my own thoughts were beginning to consume me, Mr. Winthrop came and sat near me. 🔊

7. Or if he devotes himself properly to his vocation he may consume his earnings in current self-gratification. 🔊

8. His observations indicate that these rodents are highly insectivorous and that they consume many insects under natural conditions. 🔊

9. These old style ovens consume all the coal with the exception of the fixed carbon which is left behind as coke. 🔊