Continuity in a sentence

Definition of Continuity

Lack of interruption or disconnection; the quality of being continuous in space or time. | (uncountable, mathematics) A characteristic property of a continuous function. | (narratology) A narrative device in episodic fiction where previous and/or future events in a series of stories are accounted for in present stories.

Short Example Sentence for Continuity

  • 1. But the singular continuity does not end here.
  • 2. If not, then what becomes of the continuity theory?
  • 3. There is a want of calm, of continuity in the style.
  • 4. This gave to the Board no continuity of corporate life.
  • 5. It has continuity and it performs functions and it is an historic entity.
  • 6. Through the unbrokenness of this line the continuity of the gift is secured.
  • 7. Evolution is the name for the idea of the unity and continuity of phsenomena.

How to use Continuity in a Sentence?

  • 1. Vigorously though it toils, there is a peace in the vision of continuity delicately given.
  • 2. So in human action, against the spasm of energy, we offset the continuity of drill.
  • 3. The law of continuity to which I have alluded is not confined to simple motions.
  • 4. He had resented the prodding, but it had resulted in a continuity of effort which had added to his income.
  • 5. If the future life is a continuity of this, then the perfection of religion is the making of this life perfect.
  • 6. Almost more than the house they inhabited, this place seemed to stand for continuity and settlement in the lives of such as they.
  • 7. They may be affected directly by continuity of tissue, or indirectly through the sympathetic system.
  • 8. Automatically her thoughts swung over to the actual building of the scenes that would make for continuity of her lately-conceived plot.
  • 9. In consequence of the continuity and similarity of structure, there is close sympathy between the mucous and dermoid membranes.
  • 10. They are aspects of the continuity of the life of the present, rather than of the fragmentary past that lives in the individual.
  • 11. In the property-idea they are lifted out of their isolation, and in the continuity of family life there is a certain analogue of immortality.
  • 12. His inversion of the true chronological order makes a violent break in the continuity of the phenomena and obscures their mutual relations.
  • 13. There is then a solution of continuity of the various properties of the substance, and the two phases may co-exist.
  • 14. The only part of the cell in which complete continuity from parent to child is demonstrated, is the nucleus and particularly the chromosomes.
  • 15. If the stuff of our thoughts were to alter as the materials of our body alter, the continuity of such an emotion would be impossible.
  • 16. Then it is that hope lifts our hearts from despair, and a positive assurance of the continuity of life is worth all else in the world.
  • 17. Leaving out patriotism (if such a thing were possible) would mean a break in the continuity of the social life.
  • 18. More positively, these stories provided enough societal continuity for some developments that spanned generations to take root.
  • 19. This praise of war which comes from the depths of feelings, we must suppose helps to give continuity and force to these feelings.
  • 20. How far have these changes affected the community of the family, the continuity of its personal relationships, and its religious service?
  • 21. In later ages it was manufactured of considerable thickness, perfect whiteness, and an entire continuity and smoothness of surface.
  • 22. This provides an intensity and a continuity of interest that would still hold, even though some particular element might lose its interest.
  • 23. The red bands represented day, the black, night; the decoration as a whole stood for the continuity of life.
  • 24. It is conscious of its continuity and proud of its identity with the teachings of Plato and Aristotle.
  • 25. A flight from Siberia may fix a few elementary facts in the mind, but it does not seem to lead to continuity of thought.
  • 26. His work may have been necessary to bring home the Word to the heathen, but it utterly breaks the continuity of development.
  • 27. Thus in the whole of the great PalΓ¦ozoic period, both in its fauna and flora, we have a continuity and similarity of a most marked character.
  • 28. By this device it is possible to remove the contents of any compartment bodily without interfering with the continuity of curing in the other compartments.
  • 29. The Penates or spirits of the store-chamber are worshipped along with the Lares, they represent the continuity of the family fortune.
  • 30. The facts which we have noted of the continuity of germ plasm have during the last fifteen years led many biologists to deny the possibility of the latter.
  • 31. Thus in the ancient world whole schools of philosophy passed away in the vain attempt to solve the problem of the continuity or divisibility of matter.
  • 32. But there will always be improvement, by continuing the exercise; and it is a great means of development into self-subsistence and continuity of thought.
  • 33. The British and French, though retreating steadily, kept in close touch and preserved intact the continuity of their line.