Cool in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Cool

1. Hanger was as cool as man could be. 🔊

2. O, he was a cool one! 🔊

3. Do you walk through the cool shady woods? 🔊

4. Fortunately two men with cool heads were near by. 🔊

5. A little current of cool air was blowing through the room. 🔊

6. Grief's voice was cool and menacing. 🔊

7. Pep felt rather hurt at the cool way in which his return was greeted. 🔊

8. It had been quite hot in the plains, and was pleasantly cool up here. 🔊

9. Not a drop of water to cool them, not a breath of air to ease their pain. 🔊

10. For the next two or three days she was decidedly cool to Mark. 🔊

11. Lumley grew cool as he saw the hope leap into Gray's face. 🔊

12. A cool wind came with the clouds and blew on Gray, and he slept. 🔊

How to use Cool in Sentences?

1. After they had reached the foot of the stairs they walked for a long way through a cool corridor. 🔊

2. At places there are broad fields where the cows come down to drink the cool water. 🔊

3. I laved his pain-twisted face with the cool water and let a few drops trickle into his open mouth. 🔊

4. Not far away stood a little brown house in the cool shade of cherry trees and apple trees. 🔊

5. The Brownie thought this would be a very nice cool place in which to rest for a few moments. 🔊

6. We are always cool at the clubs: the constant habit of ruining one another, teaches us temper. 🔊

7. To cool thee when the mid-day suns Have made thee faint beneath their heat. 🔊

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