Correctly in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Correctly

1. Lumley read his thoughts correctly enough. 🔊

2. Maseden had indeed correctly described his own attitude. 🔊

3. Joe had been correctly estimated and found wanting. 🔊

4. Others correctly said and used (157). 🔊

5. Many parts of the body named correctly (170). 🔊

6. How to judge correctly respecting Domestics. 🔊

7. Every Cutting is correctly and distinctly dated. 🔊

8. Kut-le had guessed correctly as to the circumstances of his finding the camp. 🔊

9. We may also correctly speak of this two-fold existence as physical and moral. 🔊

10. He spoke English correctly when not addressing the beggar woman. 🔊

11. Their "ughs!" and ejaculations indicated pretty correctly their astonishment. 🔊

12. Strength of memory for sounds; points correctly to nose, mouth, etc. 🔊

How to use Correctly in Sentences?

1. Have we not engines which can do all manner of sums more quickly and correctly than we can? 🔊

2. He could point out each color correctly when a variety was shown him at the same time. 🔊

3. Backing correctly supples the horse, and adds grace and precision to his natural motions. 🔊

4. To those who guess correctly a one-pound box of finest chocolates is delivered next day. 🔊

5. The minds of men are to be regarded as one mind, or more correctly as a succession of ideas. 🔊

6. Furthermore, he correctly states the length of leaf as 0.295 and the breadth 0.085 meter. 🔊

7. It must be a many in one, as correctly set forth in the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. 🔊

8. Nor is their possession of these properties incompatible with that law, when it is correctly understood. 🔊

9. The sounds must be given distinctly and correctly by the teacher, and she should insist on perfect responses. 🔊

10. Syllables correctly repeated; intentional sound-imitation on the three hundred and twenty-ninth day. 🔊

11. His native good sense is enough for him to estimate affairs correctly and to make the best choice at the first glance. 🔊