Current in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Current

1. A little current of cool air was blowing through the room. 🔊

2. Yes, I wish we might drift on some lazy current for years. 🔊

3. The current ceasing, the armature remains where last thrown. 🔊

4. The current bore them along, almost without the aid of an oar. 🔊

5. With the strong current and sea, the boat took much longer time than usual. 🔊

How to use Current in Sentences?

1. This current is an alternating one having a frequency the same as the sound causing it. 🔊

2. Such a signal is operated by the making and breaking of current from a battery. 🔊

3. The line is a path over which the telephone current passes from telephone to telephone. 🔊

4. Any electric signal has upper and lower limits of current between which it is to be actuated. 🔊

5. It is able to carry any current the central-office current source can pass through it. 🔊

6. It must receive current enough to operate but not enough to become damaged by overheating. 🔊

7. He landed, and made allowance for the current of the river by leaping in at a place higher up. 🔊

8. A reversal of current produces an opposite action, the left-hand gong being struck. 🔊

9. Please check the Project Gutenberg Web pages for current donation methods and addresses. 🔊

10. Please check the Project Gutenberg Web pages for current donation methods and addresses. 🔊

11. It is not known that there is any frequency of alternating current which it is not capable of producing and translating. 🔊

12. Any one of these three ways can be used to get some idea of the amount of current which is received. 🔊

13. It is capable of translating motion into current or current into motion through a wide range of frequencies. 🔊

14. The increase of current may be as great as ten times without damage to the winding of such a signal. 🔊

15. It is important to note that the strength of action depends upon the strength of the current up to a certain point only. 🔊

16. I admit that he represents physically and mentally a great deal of the intellectual impotence current in our time. 🔊

17. They had left the door of the room leading into the corridor wide open to allow a free current of air. 🔊