Dandy in a sentence

Definition of Dandy

Like a dandy, foppish. | Very good; better than expected but not as good as could be. | Excellent; first-rate.

How to use Dandy in a Sentence?

  • I have always felt myself more at ease with a nobleman than with the dandy of a country town.
  • Is the front appearance that of a dandy while the backyard looks like a slattern?
  • A few days after that Dandy made acquaintance with his strange fellow-performers.
  • When that popular gentleman appeared at his side Dandy examined him with pricked and curious ears.
  • His manners are good, he is remarkably handsome, very clean, and rather a dandy in his dress.
  • But Dandy could only wag his tail feebly and look up in her face with an exhausted sigh.
  • It's a dandy tally of crooks, but they ain't a circumstance beside them two boys of yours.
  • But what age of time ever yielded such a dandy as the founder of this school, Whitman himself?
  • It was as fair as fair could be, and Dandy and me was as evenly matched as two peas.
  • And I never dreamed that the Conoque was such a dandy stream for this sort of thing.
  • Once or twice Dandy Joe lost his way, and jocularly accosted passers-by to inquire.
  • Mr. Punch was not killed, however, though Dandy had at first imagined he had settled him.
  • For a few minutes Steele waited; he looked toward the place Dandy Joe had entered.
  • The humorous dandy of the play was greeted with shouts of joy by the chorus and equal enthusiasm by the audience.
  • The dandy had many stories to tell of his scuffles with the brigands, who overpowered him merely by numbers.
  • Old Ben was the guide of all others Mr. Cravath would have chosen, next to Dandy Steve.
  • He was careful always to wear the usual bunch of violets in his buttonhole, and to affect something of the dandy in his attire.
  • That plot of yours could be worked up into a dandy series; the idea of a story running through a lot of pictures is great.
  • M. du Hautoy was a finical dandy whose minute care of himself had degenerated into mincing affectation and childishness.
  • His camp-bed consisted of a blue silk mattress, pillow and coverlid; materials that would have suited even a dandy guardsman.

Short Example Sentence for Dandy

  • You treated me to a dandy lunch.
  • It would make a dandy waste-basket.
  • What a dandy place we can make of it, with all this space!
  • Then Dandy Joe was brought in.
  • Say, I know a dandy old house up on the hill.
  • Meanwhile Dandy ran on, till the shouts behind died away.
  • A mist blew in; Dandy Joe went out.
  • As he spoke, he rose, leaving Dandy Joe alone at the table.
  • Paul knew what he was doing when he gave the order for that dandy contraption.
  • That's the worst of a dandy collar.
  • They're a dandy crowd when it comes to fingerin' the pasteboards.
  • And he put Dandy through these performances on the sloppy counter.
  • Here goes a great dandy in red heels, with lace at his beard and wrists.
  • Don't tell me a Viennese dandy has no debts.
  • They've got to, and a dandy stunt it is for Narii.
  • Of course, he'd been a dandy mail pilot, but they're usually unnamed heroes.
  • I think 'Bucks' makes a dandy name for a town, don't you?
  • He spoke slowly; Dandy Joe regarded him with small crafty eyes.
  • Mr. Haynes turned to me and said, "You are a dandy hunter!
  • There used to be a dandy lot of cowhands around here, but they're all gone.

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